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I was at the movies

Mar 9, 2018 by CeliaJones
I ordered a medium size bucket of popcorn and a medium drink. Suddenly I felt two fat hands push me. I dropped my popcorn bucket and drink on the ground. Some of the popcorn fell on the floor but the rest I saw CalebDaBoss run away with as he turned around to look at me laughing. I thought the employees were gonna find him and kick him the fuck out, but they looked at me and laughed too as they walked over to clean the mess! I fully intend to boycott that theater and take this to the press. Caleb, shame on you!


Caleb, shame on you!
Sent by jjvawesomeness0511,Mar 9, 2018
Not even true
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Mar 9, 2018
yes i know lol calebdaboss
Sent by jjvawesomeness0511,Mar 9, 2018

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