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GoodKaren probably helps Mr. Peeps

Mar 7, 2018 by CeliaJones
"Do you like kittens, little boy? I have one I'm giving away. A nice black one. All we have to do is drive to my house and get it. It's only 2 streets over. We'll be back before your parents even know you're gone." Next thing you know bitch is driving off to wwemrpeeps's house. Fucking sick freaks both of them.


You're dumb bitch. Peeps wouldn't go for a woman with a pussy.
Sent by Ivy_Levan,Mar 7, 2018

I never said he would, dumb bitch. Can you read? She is delivering a kid to his house under false pretenses.
Sent by CeliaJones,Mar 7, 2018
peeps wouldn't even talk to a woman, what with the eye contact needed and lack of interest in a breast, dumb bitch.
Sent by Ivy_Levan,Mar 7, 2018
He would if that woman could provide something he wants, you stupid whore.
Sent by CeliaJones,Mar 7, 2018
I don't think he is capable of conversing, dumb hunt!
Sent by Ivy_Levan,Mar 7, 2018

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