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randomize likes that ass. Mar 28, 2018
He won't take it down. It turns him the fuck on. Who better to create a site for queers than a closeted queer? I'm just being honest.
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Tengaged has spoken Mar 26, 2018
They think Cornelia is sexier than Ametrine. Do you think the right cock made it into auctions?
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I'm just being honest. Mar 23, 2018
They nicknamed him "Horny Corny" for a reason. No big fucking surprise.
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I don't send nudes no more Mar 23, 2018
I'll gladly accept 'em but don't you expect nothin' back! I learned that if you act like a hoe you're gonna get treated like one. 99% of the motherfuckers out here don't give a damn about you. The just want somebody to make 'em cum and then go the fuck away. I want a real MAN who treats me like a queen, not like a one and done whore. You bet I fucking deserve it too! I'm just being honest.
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Tengaged's #MeToo movement Mar 23, 2018
A little behind the real world but here we are now, motherfuckers. If you got stories, expose 'em.
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Fucking idiots Mar 19, 2018
You can consent all you want in certain states but that doesn't mean you can hand out fucking nudes! Even if you are at the age of consent it is still considered goddamn motherfucking CHILD PORNOGRAPHY if you are under 18! There are teens who are fucking registered sex offenders for having pictures of their own fucking naked bodies in their fucking phones.
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