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WannaBeeFriends Jul 3, 2018
I’d love to see him compete on Big Brother as that will be the only way to shut him the fuck up about the show once and for all.
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Kandee Jul 2, 2018
I always knew that bitch was fucking crazy. Piss her off and see if your naked corpse don't end up in a ditch somewhere. She is fucking psycho! I'm just being honest.
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My CalebDaBoss story Jun 28, 2018
I was at the supermarket shopping for fresh apples to bake into an apple pie, when I feel a hand squeeze my left asscheek. I turn around and there is CalebDaBoss standing there with a big smile on his face. "Nice," he said as he walked away. I went to tell a manager and Caleb denied the whole thing. I told them to look at the security footage and somehow it was erased, but my memory isn't! Shame on you, Caleb!
Points: 13 1 comments
Where are you, fat boy? Jun 28, 2018
Points: 0 2 comments
EyooMarcus Jun 27, 2018
I don't know if I'd call him a pedophile. I think he'll fuck anything. Young, old, guy, girl, black, white, Hispanic, Chinese, Arab, Jew, rich, poor, fat, thin, ugly, sexy....you get the picture. He don't give a damn. If he can put his dick in it, he wants it. He is the slut to end all sluts. I'm just being honest.
Points: 0 1 comments
DuncanSurferBoy Jun 27, 2018
Notorious slut alanb1 will cheat on you just like he has everyone else he's ever been with, DuncanSurferBoy. Then after he leaves you for that person, he'll cheat on them too! He can never be satisfied with what he's got. Just a little warning, darling.
Points: 65 3 comments