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why is this site so toxic Jul 27, 2020
i see some real disgusting content on the blogs page (homophobia, racism, bullying) yet most of you guys wouldn't say this shit irl. If you're gonna say all of this stuff online, then say it in real life too. if ur gonna talk the talk u better walk the walk

u think when i blog about fucking my sister dirty, that i don't execute in real life? Never doubt me, peace out
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do only fans users know who's subscribed? May 23, 2020
Just found out my little sister has an only fans account and selling her nudes i guess. Me, not trying to be the creepy big brother, wants to pay for the subscription but does not want to leave any evidence that I am subscribed. Anyone got the answer to this?
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My pollbox pic May 8, 2020
Was from years ago and I haven’t bothered to change it scooby0000

Man if I was a fucking online predator, I think I’d prey on some bad bitches in the making, not SCOOBY 2000 LMAO
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anyone wanna frooks Mar 23, 2020
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i cant believe this happened.. Jan 20, 2019
my little sister came into my room (we rarely talk) and when I asked why, she needed advice about her boyfriend...which surprised me since she never asks me for anything. She wanted to learn more about s*x since shes a virgin as I jokingly responded "well why dont i just show you". she giggles but then she quickly responded "id be down". my jaw dropped...and seconds later, so did her panties.

god f*cking damn its been a good night, peace
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weird idea but Dec 3, 2018
why don't they put nicotine in fruits and vegetables and maybe ppl will start eating them more
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