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Exposing Multis: Thnksfrthemmrs & TheSexiestDude990 Apr 28, 2018
I have had a hunch for a while that Thnksfrthmmrs and TheSexiestdude990 are multis and now I believe I have enough proof.

Well for one, thnksfrthmmrs' blog pic is a stars sign that says "Julian for Stars". Now i'm not ruling out the fact of the possibility that they have the same name but if I recall correctly, Julian (Sexiest Dude) has used that as his pollbox pic several times.

Second, they have the same top mutual friends. Not a big issue, but may be concerning.

Third, thnksfrthmmrs has 2 stars game on his front page, and what do we know about Julian? He plays stars evry week.

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Hello Tengaged Apr 25, 2018
Points: 11 2 comments
is it bad if I get turned on Apr 24, 2018
when water splashes back into my ass while I shit
Points: 5 2 comments
What’s the prime time Apr 23, 2018
To make an ig post
Points: 23 2 comments
is it normal to get anxiety Apr 20, 2018
from smoking weed? not sure how i feel about weed tbh
Points: 66 10 comments
peeps Apr 12, 2018
the pedo keeps mentioning random details such as "my boyfriend is 35" but that doesn't excuse him from commiting illegal acts such as asking underaged users for nudes.

that's like murdering someone but claiming you're not a murderer because u helped an old lady cross the street
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