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Thought my internet was laggingvote Aug 16, 2018
Because when I refreshed, the blogs page stayed the same. Turns out it was just maturo blogging, AGAIN! false alarm.
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Weird Uber experience Aug 14, 2018
I was taking Uber look home and I guess the other pooler was a student in my university but the driver was being. Inappropriate like asking if there's sex allowed in her sorority house or asking her to send pics of her from the Halloween party and other stuff and she seemed VERY uninterested but he kept asking weird questions. I would've spoke up for her but I was lowkey getting turned on @ how uncomfortable she was getting so I just watched
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welp Aug 14, 2018
sister is finally leaving for college. we were probably gonna not see each other for months but she surprised me in my room when she was in nothing but her panties and gave me something to remember her for..the best sister in the world what can i say
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I have something to admit Aug 13, 2018
I'm still in total disbelief of what happened last night. I obviously can't tell any friends or family, but I simply must share it somewhere so I've decided to blog it on Tengaged. Yes, this is about my sister so if you don't wanna hear these things, im not forcing you to.


My sister Hannah is quite a petite girl. Around 5'0, but she's almost perfectly proportioned. Facially beautiful, curves in all the right places. Flowing brown hair and green eyes. She moves with a kind of effortless natural femininity, poise and grace that attracts the eyes of anyone near her. She'd be a cover model if she was taller. She looks like one, but miniaturised, something I tease her about. She knows it too. She's an Instagram addict. She's always posting photos of herself in workout gear, or not-so-subtle mirror photos deliberately angled to emphasise the curvature of her ass.

She's amassed about 70,000 salivating followers at last check. It makes me laugh, because she'll tag her ass photos as "hard work pays off" but I know full well that she barely ever exercises, she never worked for it. She just hit the genetic jackpot. She doesn't even eat healthily, she eats pizza and all kinds of junk and somehow maintains a perfect body. I keep telling her that her luck will run out by the time she reaches her mid-twenties. But she says that's a long way away, so why worry about it.

Behind her ultra-confident, exhibitionist Instagram persona she's quite shy. She's never been in a long-term relationship and I've only seen her go on a couple of dates, and I don't think she's slept with any of them yet, although she's still only 18. I think her online presence is a way of compensating for this - a way of getting validation and her emotional needs met outside of a relationship. I've asked her about her dating life a few times, but she just responds with "I'm not ready", or "I just haven't met the right person". I can't say I ask or pressure her much about it, because the truth is that I feel incredibly protective.

There's something about the idea of a random guy spreading my sister’s legs, pinning her down and taking her purity that makes me feel sick, almost angry, nauseous. Maybe it's jealousy, I don't really know. I think it's because fucking a girl in some sense feels like ownership. That's not quite the right word, but I'm her protector, her big brother. In a sense, she's mine. Maybe it's also the sense that I'm the guy she spends the most time with right now, and if she was dating, I know I'd quickly lose our time together and most of her focus would be on making her boyfriend happy. I guess I loathe the day that ever begins. I don't know if it's a sexual jealousy, I don't think it is. I think I just appreciate my sister’s devotion and attentiveness towards me as the main man in her life right now. I'm sure it'll change, and I'll get over it. I guess I've just gotten used to it.

For the past few months, my sisters been complaining of quite severe lower back pain. She used to get it playing competitive hockey when she was younger. But this past summer she took a part time transcription job and that seems to have flared it up - hunched over a desk typing all day. I teased her for it and asked why doesn't she make some money from Instagram like all the other Instagram queens. She said she gets free products sometimes but isn't quite at the level to make much money per post yet and said she can't really put down her Instagram as work experience on her resume. I laughed, she's probably right about that.

Anyway, last night she's lying on the sitting room floor with her feet up on the sofa, so her legs are taking some of the weight and kind of suspending her back slightly off the ground. She does it quite a lot, as a Doctor family friend of ours told her it's a good way to relieve strain. She watches TV like that with me a lot of the time and it seems to help her.

Our dad was out by the way, in another city for his sales job. Our parents divorced a while ago and he took some less than desirable jobs to keep us afloat - that means staying in motels in far off places and a lot of time on the road. But anyway, we were home alone last night.

Last night she kept contorting her face in pain and sighing repeatedly. "Isn't it helping?" I asked her. She shook her head and sighed again, "it's SOOO painful, it feels like the muscles have seized up and are in a spasm", "shit", I said

"I can feel them squeezing, like cramping, you know like when you get cramp in your foot after you sit cross legged too long, it's like that, except in my lower back and nothing relieves it" she said with frustration.

"that really sucks", I empathised.

"it keeps clenching and unclenching, see if you can feel this, come here"

I got down on the floor with her and she rolled to the side. She pulled down her yoga pants slightly and sure enough I could see it twitching right near the base of her spine. "feel it" she said, I pressed my hand against the soft skin on her mid back and ran it down towards her lower back. It really was spasming like crazy. It almost had a pulse to it, clench, unclench, clench, unclench.

I gently pressed my finger into the spasming muscle. "ow ow ow ow stop ... ow .... " she protested, "wait ... do that again .. it stopped, that's weird". I pressed my finger into the spasming muscle and it seemed to stop on command.

"Maybe it just needs to be released somehow, would you try massaging it?" Hannah begged.

"err... I've never massaged anyone before... just foam rolling ... I don't know what I'm doing" - I tried to weasel out of it (like a complete idiot, I realised in hindsight).

"Just try! What you did worked for a few seconds just then! I don't really care if it doesn't help, it's not as if it can get any worse than this. I'm in agony" she demanded with the most cutesy, feminine expression she could muster. I couldn't say no.

"Ok, I'll give it a go", I said, shrugging my shoulders, "but it's not my fault if I make it worse...." she nodded.

"Alright I'll go take this jumper off and get ready" she said, getting up and running to her room. I was a little bit puzzled because I could have just pulled it back and done it right there, but whatever. I watched some TV while I waited.

I kid you not, 5 mins she returned with 2 small white bath towels wrapped around her. One around her waist and one around her torso. The one around her waist extended from her belly button down to her mid thighs, the one around her torso kind of wrapped around her breasts and abdomen. I couldn’t see anything much, although her legs and figure looked incredible.

"Holy shit, I'm not a professional... I didn't know you were going to take it so seriously.... but by the looks of it you should be paying me for this!" I said with surprise.

"shut up ... it’s just to make it easier rather than having to keep pulling back my clothes to reach my back" she said nonchalantly.

"Alright", I said... "So, lie down on your front".

"hang on", she said. She quickly ran out of the room and returned with another big towel. "I can lie on this" she said, draping it on the wooden floor then getting face down on it.

Then she did something that made my heart race. She reached around behind her and undid the towel around her chest, letting each side drop to the floor "okay, ready, she said"

I said nothing. I could see the sides of her incredible br#*sts pushed up against the floor. They were basically covered in the scrunched-up towel, and I couldn't see much except their outline. But it excited me knowing I could simply roll her over and see them. Not that I would, but knowing she was exposed turned me on.

"Aren't you a bit.... naked" I said (again, like a damn idiot)

"Huh? This is how they always do it... it's not as if you can see anything, is it?" she said with mild annoyance, with a tone that implied I was weird for saying anything at all.

"I guess, okay" I said. I got down on the floor and sat on my knees by the side of her. I could see her back twitching from a distance. I started to gently rub it. I didn't have a damn clue what I was doing so just made little back and forth and circular motions and tried to go around the perimeter of the twitching bit.

"That's nice...." she said after 5 mins of my doing that, "but it's a bit dry, we need something to wet it a bit...I know....", she leapt up grabbing the towel, holding it in front of her beautiful b&&bs then running to her room. She returned with a bottle of "joba joba oil" - I think that's the spelling anyway. She said she used it for skin care. I suspected it might be for something else too, but I didn't say anything ...

I poured it liberally over her back. Probably too much because it dripped down her sides onto the towel. I then started my same routine again, back, and forth, circles, going around the perimeter of the twitching back muscle.

"Wow, that feels so good, it's so much better than dry hands, keep doing that whatever you are doing". she purred. I kept on doing it. Working my way down her back and closer to the twitching. I noticed the muscle near her coccyx, around her ass, were also twitching.

"I need to do here too", I said, prodding the towel on her upper ass cheek, "I think its connected", "Ok..." she said with a slight hesitation.

Her towel was tied tight and I couldn't simply pull it down, so after trying and failing, I untucked it a little bit where it was tucked in at her side. She kind of flinched a little bit as I did it. "I'm just pulling it down a bit to get to your lower back sis, relax". She nodded and closed her eyes again.

I totally untucked the towel from her side and pulled it down a little. As I did so, now it was obvious, she was wearing no panties, just the towel. I felt a lurch in my stomach as I realised this. She seemed relaxed, eyes closed, not a care in the world. I try to relax myself in case she felt my apprehension. Deep breaths!

After pulling down the towel a few inches, I could now see the very top of her ass crack and her upper cheeks. The towel was draped, rather than being tucked in and wrapped around. It wouldn't take much to simply pull it down completely or lift it off. Her ass was simply incredible. So bouncy, round. I started to massage the boundary between her lower back and ass where there was twitching still. I felt myself growing incredible hard at the prospect of pulling down her towel just a couple more inches.

I was now so hard that it literally hurt. Luckily, I was wearing jeans and she was faced down, but I had to subtly tuck my hard c*ck upwards and under my belt to give it some breathing room. She couldn't see it, being face down, and it was well hidden under my t shirt anyway, but the fact that my c*ck was out in the open under my T-shirt like that turned me on even more.

Something clicked in my brain, and I really don't know what, it was just the sight of her ass. Maybe it was just the simple proximity I had to her ass/p*ssy - one small drape of towel. I simply forgot about her being my sister. Or maybe I didn't. I don't know. Either way, it didn't matter. I decided that every time I would circle my hands around the upper part of her ass, I would try to imperceptibly shift the towel just a little bit. I figured she was so relaxed that she wouldn't even notice an inch or two difference. After a piece of fabric has been on your body a while you can barely feel it.

I proceeded with my plan, growing harder and harder at the prospect of exposing her. My hands circled round on her delicate, beautiful skin. "that's really good, right there", she mumbled. As they got to the lower part, I let the outside of my little finger contact the towel and push it down maybe 1/4 of an inch. She didn't notice at all. I kept doing this. Occasionally she'd shift a little bit with apparent discomfort, but she didn't seem to be noticing what I was doing.

With one more shift of the towel, I had her tight little arse fully exposed. She didn't have a clue as I was still massaging far above it. I was painfully hard now, I wanted so much to slide my c0*k inside her tight little ass while she was face down, it was unbelievable. I'd never felt such intensity. She must have felt the heat in my hands. I don't know.

I knew shifting the towel an inch or two more would fully expose my sister’s tight little p*$$y to me for the first time.

I really wanted to try and turn her on in a subtle way. I started using both hands, and slightly spread apart the upper ass cheeks with outward strokes, letting each hand push outward on each ass cheek. I imagined her wet pu$$y lips being spread open by the movement, then gently colliding again, sending waves of pleasure through her body. I continued with this for a while, working all over her, upward on her lower back again, then back down, spreading her ass cheeks open with my hands, then letting them move together again.

At this point she was dead silent, just relaxed I think, or possibly she had fallen asleep. But I saw a little smile on her face and she'd continue to shift occasionally, so I assume not.

Then, purely by accident, as I was circling my hands outward again, the towel fell down her ass in the direction of her feet, fully exposing her beautiful pussy in one go. My heart leapt in my chest

She seemed to notice, flinching a little, and quickly reached her hand back to try to adjust the towel. Before her hand found out exactly where it was, I stopped it in mid-air with mine, and gently placed it back down by her side, saying "just relax, I can't see anything". For some reason, this seemed to be enough to reassure her - although it was a bit of a lie, and I feel guilty for that. Maybe she knew, and just wanted to rationalize it and I wanted to as well. I don't really know.

She let out an exasperated, quiet, little sigh, turned her head to the side and closed her eyes again.

I was now massaging my sister’s ass, just inches from her fully exposed p*ssy.

It was truly perfect. Fully shaven. Small and neat, tiny lips. Virginal. It looked so, so tight. I could barely contain myself. I wanted to f*ck her, my God. I needed to enter her, with something, with anything, as I circled my hands around her ass I lowered my head a little and took in the scent of her beautiful pussy. It was truly intoxicating.

It was so, so painful to keep my hands above and away from her pussy. It was tortuous. But I didn't want to risk going lower. I didn't want to risk her either moving that towel up or ending the massage. I wanted to stare at my baby sister’s incredible tight little p*#sy forever. Fuck.

I don’t know why I did this, I had no choice. But with my middle fingers, I massaged her ass and I let my thumbs kind of, accidentally brush near her asshole and pussy. I was ultra-subtle, I made it seem accidental. I'd do the same motion repeatedly, only letting my thumb brush near her pussy - maybe 1 inch away from it, about 1 out of every 10 times I’d do this. I also continued to pull her ass apart with my circular outwards motion, and I could see her pussy open with every rotation. Open, close, open, close, I spread her ass super wide this time and saw deep inside her. I was so fucking hard. She was quiet, content, not saying anything, not saying it was good or bad, just seemingly letting me do whatever.

Then I saw it, 2 little drips of wetness ran out her tight little puss, then a few more. She sighed, with a kind of muffled, conflicted pleasure. I don't think she knew I knew she was wet, and I don't think she was entirely sure I could see her beautiful tight little p*ssy growing wetter by the second.

This was all the permission I needed. I drew my fingers closer and closer to the outside of her pu$sy lips with every stroke until I was lightly brushing the outside of them. She was dripping like crazy. She sighed again, apparently trying to cover up her arousal. Her p%ssy began to quiver a little and I was almost certain she just came. She said nothing. We'd been in total silence for about 20 minutes.

For some reason, we both knew that talking about what was unfolding would somehow make it real, and that was something that might be difficult to deal with. She kept her eyes closed.

There was no denying it now, my hands were millimetres from entering her. She could feel it. I knew it. She knew it. And with that thought, I couldn't stop myself.

I stretched her ass cheeks open again, opening her p&ssy, then moved my hands inwards, tracing my thumbs along the very edge of neat little pu&&y lips. Then, as I traced down them, I moved my right index finger inwards, and slipped it, ever so slightly, inside of her. She gasped for breath and moaned softly, it sounded like she'd wanted this more than anything and was finally receiving it.

She was so fucking wet. It was unbelievable. Undeniable. Incomprehensible.

My finger was soaked. I retracted it from her p^ssy and teased her a little, running my fingers up and down her outer lips and over her cl*t.

I heard her mumble, as if she wanted to say something but was stopping herself, holding back. I kept tracing the outside of her lips, up and down, up, and down, hinting and teasing with my little finger, acting as if I was just on the verge of entering her, then changing course and carrying on.

"Yes?" I whispered.

She writhed a little and mumbled "please, just.... please .... I ... I need"

"What do you need?" I said, assertively.

"please... I can't... I.." she couldn't say it, she couldn't admit what she wanted.

And before she spoke another word, and with one quick movement, I slid my entire finger deep inside my little sisters soaking, tight little ****.

She gasped again, losing her breath, then began to moan softly under her breath. "oh, oh wow..".

I finger f'd her for a little bit, exploring her tight p-, before gently entering her with my second finger. She was soaking. I'd never seen a girl get so wet. Her p-ssy began to quiver and pulsate again, clamping down on my fingers as I continued to push them deep into her. I teased her asshole too, playing with it, pushing against it with my other hand as I continued to finger fuck her from above. Then, I entered one finger into her ass. It slid in with no effort at all. 2 of my fingers were in her p.%#y and 1 was now deep inside her ass. I continued to finger fk her. I wanted her to feel totally filled.

She still hadn't turned around or opened her eyes. She continued to lie face down, moaning. She bit down on the towel beneath her.

This time she came so deeply that her whole body quivered and spasmed. Her pus%^$y clamped down onto my two large fingers with great force and I felt her squirting a little bit onto my fingers. Her whole body writhed, and she gasped for breath "my god", "I..." she began to say. She was simply helpless to her own pleasure.

Before she could say another word, I shushed her.

I needed to taste her.

Without asking for permission, I lowered my head to her still quivering p$%^#y. I was inches away. It smelled fruity, sweet almost, mixed with a little sweat. But undeniably intoxicating. I lowered my nose to her pussy and brushed it along her beautiful neat p@ssy lips.

Then, I kissed the outside of her  thing deeply inside.

"Oh oh " she moaned, her body writhing, "you can't do this... we... can't.... I can't ... please... we are... we musn't... oh..." she mumbled while her p***y continued to quiver and drip. "we... musn't...", she repeated breathlessly in weak protest. Her body telling a different story as she pushed her ass upwards into my face, driving my tongue deeper into her . I dove my tongue in and out of her, flicking it up and down along the length of her tight, fully shaven little slit, tasting and savouring every part of her, before spreading it and diving deep in again.

Her pussy convulsed again, and her juices squirted a little bit onto my lips. I licked it up and swallowed. Then I licked my fingers. Then I dove my tongue back inside her again and while I was doing so, slipped one of my fingers into the lower part of her pussy, finger fucking her deeply as I licked her pussy lips.

I couldn't get enough. My whole body was filled with warmth, intoxication, lust, it was ridiculous. With girls in the past I've usually started to feel tired or depleted, but with my little sister my lust simply grew and grew. The energy built and built. I dove my tongue back in. I could literally do this forever. I was getting so turned on by eating my little sister’s pussy that I felt my cock begin to quiver and pulse.

I could feel an orgasm building. My balls ached. I continued to taste, lick, devour her sweet little pussy. I felt totally overwhelmed with the situation. I had my tongue deep inside my little sister’s beautiful little pussy, tasting her, bringing her to orgasm after shaking orgasm. Her sweet juices were all over my face. It was incredible, perfect. I had no idea that such an intensity of pleasure even existed.

I hadn't even touched my own cock. It was fucking ridiculous. Her body, the taste of her pussy and her reactions had done it to me. As I continued to eat her pussy, I suddenly got to breaking point and began to come myself. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before, it was fucking ridiculous. I hadn't even touched my cock, not once. As I felt it building, I helplessly lay down my face across her ass, looking at her beautiful, still quivering pussy.

I grabbed her hand with my hand and squeezed it tight. She squeezed tightly back. Then I pulled back my t shirt, then unloaded and unloaded and unloaded, thick ropes of come. I'd never come harder in my life. It felt like too much. All over myself and one spray over her whole back, and the floor. I moaned and my body spasmed.

My balls and cock ached with the intensity of release, as if I'd been drained of everything I had, then more. It seemed to last for 30 seconds. Fuck.

"did you just?" ... she mumbled dreamily.

I just sighed with contentment, then leaned in, and softly kissed her pussy. Then moved up, and softly kissed her ass, then her lower back, then her head.

She turned around slowly with her eyes closed.

She smiled, then said with the softest, cutest, most feminine voice "thank you...". Then she smiled again, still not opening her eyes.

I laid down to the side of her naked body, still holding her hand tightly, and pulled her in towards me so her head lay across my chest.

I felt so warm inside, it was incredible. Pure contentment. She fell asleep on my chest, almost instantly.

One last time, I took in the euphoria of the moment, running my eyes up her slender legs, across her beautiful little p-word, to her perfect breasts and then resting them upon her glowing face. She was smiling while she was sleeping.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep too, feeling more peaceful than I ever had before.
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hands down Aug 13, 2018
the hottest character in the walking dead has to be Lizzie. She was only in one season so if you know, you know
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Top 5 female artists 2018 Aug 9, 2018
5) Billie Ellish
4) Camila Cabello
3) Dua Lipa
2) Bhad Bhabie
1) Ariana Grande
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