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  1. I’m fucking embarrassed
  2. People who don’t understand incest
  3. I was taking a nap
  4. My sister is showering with the door unlocked
  5. How I spent Valentines Day
  6. I’m writing my resignation letter
  7. Happy Birthday Maturo
  8. ppl need top stop calling caleb fat
  9. Hey sis
  10. I'm not even fat
  11. lol wat
  12. I’m concerned
  13. Why is there a debate on smoking
  14. is it weird lol
  15. Another shooting, another Memphis_Grizzlies blog.
  16. Why would someone shoot up a high school
  17. How would gun control work
  18. It happened...again.
  19. anything more cringy
  20. I have a problem
  21. When ur sister is walking around in panties
  22. I came in the middle of class today
  23. Now that CalebDaBoss has quit Trinity Vivor
  24. my girlfriend is the best
  25. Everytime I walk past a smoker
  26. question
  27. remember when
  28. memphis grizzlies skipped school again
  29. no homo
  30. Please vote for Scooby’s game
  31. When maturo calls other people fat..
  32. when your mom doesn't let you say c*ap
  33. I’ve never experienced rape
  34. I asked a Jew for her number
  35. How is it possible
  36. I kinda feel bad for
  37. I am fucked
  38. Accepting the Biggest Dick award
  39. My boy CalebDaBoss won the spelling be
  40. Memphis grizzlies skipping school

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I’m fucking embarrassedvote Feb 20, 2018
imageI had someone take a picture of me and my friend on my phone and for iPhone users you know how it shows your most recent pic on the bottom corner. Well my most recent pic happened to be scooby0000 and the person taking the picture was smiling so I already knew what was happening. Probabably thought it was my selfie since the pic was smal and he was wearing sunglasses
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People who don’t understand incestvote Feb 19, 2018
Obviously don’t have a sister or brother who fits IDENTICALLY to their sexual preference. Perfect age, perfect tits and ass, perfect personality and she’s one bedroom away. Can’t blame me for being unable to resist
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I was taking a napvote Feb 19, 2018
imageAnd I wake up suddenly because my sisters fingers was slowly going towards my cock before she started teasing it my gently rubbing it against her tongue ring:

This was my reaction:
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My sister is showering with the door unlockedvote Feb 19, 2018
imageAnd she is blasting loud ass music, should I....take a peek?
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How I spent Valentines Dayvote Feb 19, 2018
I thought I was the one who had all the cards up my sleeve on wednesday, but my sister had her own little surprise for me. Not that I had this spectacular romantic movie date set up for us. We went canoeing and then had dinner at a cozy little place by the lake. Might not sound great, but it has a special meaning to us. They have a few rooms there too, so I wish we could've stayed there at least overnight, but we had work and all that. If I was clever, I could've saved it for the weekend, but there it is.

Anyway. On the drive home, Ella just sat there with this grin on her face, probably trying her best to hide it. She said she had a surprise for me too, but she wasn't gonna tell. Of course I got curious, but she just refused to say. Even when we got home. Nothing.

We curled up on the couch to watch a movie before calling it a night, and every now and then she starts smiling again, and it was driving me crazy. So when it got time for bed and we started fooling around under the covers, she revealed it. When I reached into the drawer for a condom, she took it from me and put it down on her nightstand saying "We don't need that".

Without telling me, she had started taking birth control pills. We've discussed it before and I've said I'm happy to wear a condom just in case the pill makes her ill in some way, but apparently it hasn't had any noticable effect on her. Also, statistics say they're safer.

So after explaining, she bursts out in a smile again and says "I want you to really cum inside me tonight". I'm just bouncing in my chair here repeating it, because if my dream could go any further, this was it! I could've baited you all with a title like "I CAME INSIDE MY SISTER!", but it just sounds like the name for a terrible porno. Still, that's exactly what I was shouting in my head :P

I'm not ashamed to say I didn't last long. It's usually part of our dirty talk, but this time I was actually doing it for real! And not to sound shallow, but it might have been the best experience of my life. Physically, at least. Hearing my sister repeating it over and over again, feeling her to the fullest extent. It was perfect.

Best. Valentine's. EVER!
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I’m writing my resignation letter Feb 17, 2018
At my part time job, do I need to explain why I am quitting? We have a formatted paperwork at my job but it only says my name and my 2 week notice date. I thoughtd it make sense to explain why I am quitting at the bottom or something
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