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🖤 useamint 🖤

7thDec 13, 2021 by CarolinaSteele
#jameslu you're literally the MESSIEST person, talking crap about people every day and so egotistical. But you're my soulmate and I love you <3
#useamint Canadian buddy who REFUSED to rate me then gave me a 0 after all we've been through, but I have a soft spot for you depending on the day so you're forgiven and ily too <3

*Do not comment as I do not have any plans to update!*

EDIT: screw you all cause it was a joke but now I will be updating cause I can’t leave so many hanging LOL

#Jenna2010 - I don’t know you at all so I can’t really say anything but when you send designs, I do plus cause they’re actually pretty nice lol

biminibonboulash - LOOL IM SORRY FOR THE 6/10 MY RATING SYSTEM WAS SO BROKEN AND ITS ONLY CAUSE I BARELY KNOW YOU 😭 you seem nice though and I’m always entertained by your blogs so I’d bump your score to a 7/10 but what holds you back is your long ass tg name that I just had to copy and paste in here cause it was so long. But I had a good chuckle last night cause I was pronouncing it as “bippity boppity boo”

Thumper91 - I’ve really only seen you around very recently from being in this rooks charity together and now you being in stars so I don’t really know you but I’ve only heard good things about you

Jessie_ - I loveeee you even though we don’t talk much but you’re always such a kind soul and so amazing with designs and colouring and all that and I always make sure to help you out when you make an appearance in shops

FromAWindow - this is partially because of you that I’m updating SIR but on a nice note, I’m so freaking happy you joined the +0 frat and are active and we’re all chatting together. I’m always laughing when you’re around chatting whether it be with us talking or me watching your interactions with others. But you also are always one of the first when I’m down to reach out and be willing to listen and even if I’m not the best at reaching out, the act of you doing so means the world to me so thank you ❤️

cwmoon - the one time I actually enjoyed playing survivor was the week we were on that tribe together and met! You were fun to talk to and very chill and I’m glad it started a friendship! That being said, we should definitely play more games and catch up cause it’s been far too long but I’m glad I’m seeing you around and we’re starting to interact more again :)

hamburgerbunzz - Rach! Always a sweetheart and a joy to play with when we do happen to pop in the same casting! Still waiting for you to add me back though on tg! Ahaha you’re amazing though ✨

ARTPOP2 - lol I don't know you sorry

Hayden9102 - fellow charity ruiner! I feel like I've done so many different opinion thingys about you so I'll try to find something new to say. Started off our friendship in an epic casting as well as the first hunger I've ever enjoyed (and because of you too) and we grew close ever since. You've now stolen the spot for top snap streaks so I think that means you're my top friend?! ahhaaha but in all seriousness our friendship is something so special to me and how we can just talk and joke for hours, even into the way late hours into the night. Thanks for always being there for me and dealing with my crazy ass. And thank you for letting me catch the good pokemon 😉

Matedog1209 - Nathan! Someone I've only recently started talking with since we're in the same frat but you're such a ball of energy and chaos and it brings a lot of fun into the group and games on discord. On another note through the little snippets that I've seen you either post in blogs or little comments, I think we can relate to each other in a lot of ways and thought patterns and I think it's quite cool/helps me get to know you a little better.

YasGaga - I am so sorry I really don't know you

jakehou97 - you've always been super nice and fun to get to know :) Thanks for being such a good friend and reaching out!

marwane - I know your Chris' good friend but I don't know you personally but from that you're either a super cool person or chaotic LOL

Becksta20 - My oh so lovely Beck Beck! One og the OG +0's and just a down to earth amazing human being. You are a very safe person to be around and have as a friend because I know I can always count on you to be there for me and look out for your friends and call out bad behaviour. It's rare on here and oh so cherished! And I LOVE that you push us all to keep connecting and having calls and playing games, you are the BEST and I love you so much <3

VanitySmurf - BLU BOO you really are one of my people that can keep me sane on an insane site like this! We can have fun chaotic chats with our fellow frat members but can also jump into some pretty deep convos about life and I LIVEEEE for them. And I absolutely loved being your listening ear for a certain game and I am super up for helping out in any way again!

Phenomanimal - I remember we played a survivor together and were on a flopping tribe but I remember us chatting and I was thankful for your willingness to chat with me despite the circumstances and my crappy scores!

Yawnha - your blogs crack me up when I see them (pls don't hate me I'd have more to say but I've been doing this PYN for HOURS and my brain is deadddd)

Celsius - EVE MY HUNNY BOO!!! Our friendship came as a surprise and out of nowhere but I'm soooo thankful that we did get chatting so much and now I couldn't imagine what it would be like without you. I'm sooo glad to see you more active and around and that we get to play more games together. We HAVE to have another call soon, and I feel honoured that you trusted me to be one of the first ones to get on call with <3

brightongal - Jess! You're someone that I get so excited to see in games and chat with. I love how friendly and sweet you are and are down to just talk about whatever. I gotta be honest I wish I could say more but I've been doing this for hours but Kevin told me to say #blunticon so there you go and I love you, you're pretty great. And I actually gotta add you on tg finally .

woeisme - you post on my blogs quite a bit and I appreciate the support and the kind words you always say or little insights or just giving me those extra points on it, thank you :P

music - all I can base this off of is the one casting we played and Minty threatening me to say something nice but you were a nice guy chatting with and I wish you were around longer so we had more time to talk but either way if you're Minty's #1 friend, you must be a decent human being :)

StraightLoonie - LOOOONER THE SECOND BEST CANADIAN THERE IS, there is NEVER a dull moment with you, you bring the entertainment and good times. And you were one of the first few friends I made out of the group that I am close with now, and on top of that CANADIAN so that stands for something :P I love you oh so very much

NoChildSupport - Soo I just met ya in our current casting but from the little that I can see, you've been nothing but kind and enjoyable to talk to and seem to be tired often too so I relate to that on a DEEP level as I'm currently typing this while feeling half asleep. Hope you continue to do some good work on the house! Definitely tiring but rewarding work once it's done!

computer3000 - I really appreciate your humour and sarcasm! Always a good time when chatting whether that be in a castings or on discord. Sorry to lie about being in the UK LOL I am overtired and had a good little laugh about it

tbrown_47 - TIM TAMM SLAM, my first friend, my music wars amigo, I absolutely love playing games with you and joking around! And I love that you're quite chill and don't take this site too seriously and are just your genuine self. Hope you SNAG a place with plenty of bookshelves to showcase that collection :P

christossss - LIKE THIS BLOG IF YOU HATE CHRISSSSS, wow would you look at those high numbers, what a SHAME. It's okay, I like you which negates all these haters of yours. You just emulate CHAOS and I love that about you, thus my name for you "Chaos Chris". You just have this ability to cause craziness yet it's just so fun and eases tensions. So thank you for being your chaotic, crazy self (even though you BULLY me 24/7). Oh and C Alliance FOR LIFE <3

Kiara_xoxo your name alone starting with a K gives you an edge for me liking you LOOOL but in all seriousness we've barely had too many interactions but you are so nice and easy to talk to yet so confident and hilarious and a QUEEN (which I hate using those terms but you just fit it too well so I make an exception)

_Matt Mattt!!! The kindest soul here and wish/hope we can play more games together because we were robbed of that in survivor all that time ago! But I do always see ya around and always there to support my blogs and such <3

Malachite05 - you give me golden retriever vibes, just a huge source of uncontained happy energy and I love it. But also you went from someone random person on the blogs to someone I quite enjoy chatting and joking around with so thank you for the entertainment! So I guess you’re pretty cool, for a straight guy, so you earn my approval. Does this earn me dinner?

Now last but CERTAINLY not least 😚:
Jameslu - okay here’s my actual opinion on you: MY LOVEEE AND SOULMATE we were destined to be friends (even though every other day you’re threatening to spill my tea to the blogs page). The way we just spent the last two days on call for HOURS just having a great time, and probably could’ve gone on wayyyy longer. We may both be second era flops in C&A but we can only go up from here! I think we’re only destined to do well together, unless of course you get ahold of an idol and I get an extra vote advantage 🙄 my HUNNY I love you oh soooo much and thankful for your care and support and bullying tactics

useamint - my more serious and actual PYN for you LOL: if we had to have a duo name, it would definitely be the floppers cause we can never claim wins together LOL but at least we have a fun time trying! The amount of trios we have with different people is hilarious and each special in their own way. Late Night Schemers, Canadian alliance (though I think that one was four people, a fourio? I don’t remember the actual term LOL), K alliance, and now Akshar and his hoes. But nonetheless I’m thankful for your friendship and how strong it’s become and how much fun we have and your generous heart to help anyone. And thanks for the fun times these past couple days and hanging out (maybe more like tolerating Akshar and I) cause it definitely made all this THAT much more fun. But I’ll shut up now before people think I’m picking favourites!

✨Also everyone look at this blog from the best decent human on this site, Minty Mint, who beat me in doing all these PYN's in the amount of time it took me to do two, so go appreciate him pls:

*Do not comment as I do not have any plans to update!*
*Do not comment as I do not have any plans to update!*
*Do not comment as I do not have any plans to update!*
*Do not comment as I do not have any plans to update!*
*Do not comment as I do not have any plans to update!*
*Do not comment as I do not have any plans to update!*
*Do not comment as I do not have any plans to update!*


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*Do not comment as I do not have any plans to update!*
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*Do comment as I do have any plans to update!*
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Me? :(
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Please update <3
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lol k
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