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  1. Im having some type of anixety attack
  2. Newest tv star
  3. Extroverts and kids
  4. Idk why but i hate myself rn
  5. Being an extrovert is like having cheat code irl
  6. I hope my rehab is proud
  7. Tattoos are so painful
  8. Help
  9. Nobody:
  10. Wtf tg is complete cancer and dead asf
  11. I feel like
  12. Im on another dose
  13. I literally lived life yesterday
  14. Today i was sober
  15. I hope someday
  16. I like that girl so much
  17. I took acid
  18. Hiii
  19. Yesterday i felt something
  20. Bye tengaged
  21. I want to end myself
  22. Im about to throw a tantrum
  23. Im so anxious and tired
  24. Thank you so much 24.5%
  25. I wish i was as cool as
  26. Oh look tg just got better
  27. Not gonna play victim but
  28. I think Trippie redd is the best out rn
  29. I tried pizza with pineapple today
  30. Is it normal that my ankle still hurts
  31. Matt ox looks like
  32. I got my wiener circumised
  33. 2 years ago today
  34. 2 police officers tucked me in a tiny room
  35. I started developing dadbod
  36. Im not bored tbh
  37. "happy bday"X
  38. Angry at myself for some reason
  39. wow blogging about my struggles
  40. 6ix9ine has been the best

Being an extrovert is like having cheat code irl

Aug 6, 2019 by Carlo_Costly
Wow im just now seeing it


They can talk to anyone about anything. You will be lucky to get one word out of me.
Sent by Thirteen,Aug 6, 2019

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