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  1. Angry at myself for some reason
  2. wow blogging about my struggles
  3. 6ix9ine has been the best
  4. i feel american
  5. X :(
  6. update
  7. hi
  9. finally in my city
  10. i broke my ankle
  11. sorry truth dying young
  12. i miss freedom
  13. i miss xxxtentacion alot :(
  14. 5th month since im in rehab
  15. hi
  16. I'm in rehab
  17. 2pac is hella boring
  18. today im celebrating 3 months
  19. if u enjoy or do asmr
  20. Happy women's international day
  21. i just got kicked out
  22. why is this faggot drake stealing
  23. lol this annoying kid from my class
  24. man if Lamar doesnt win stars......
  25. so everyone has that ''gay gene''
  26. hi
  27. i watched you sell your soul
  28. xeno carr is fire
  29. hey can i have someones attention
  30. damn this place is unlocking
  31. baby, ill tear you apart
  32. the real question is
  33. im the hokage
  34. i cannot die that is my universe
  36. happy bday rondo
  37. wow some of you guys
  38. No title
  39. RIP Fredo
  40. Durk is fucking fire

my blog pic is not me

Oct 6, 2017 by Carlo_Costly
its the cutest person alive rn (no homo)


boi this is gay af
Sent by Manson,Oct 6, 2017
no homo Manson
Sent by Carlo_Costly,Oct 6, 2017
look like bambino
Sent by mexicanwoman4,Oct 6, 2017
I don’t think he’s that cute tbh
Sent by Steven999,Oct 6, 2017

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