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  1. Can anyone tell me, which song?
  2. say something spiffy!
  3. What if?
  4. A question?
  5. Oh how....
  6. Boom Boom Boom Boom (I want you in my room!!!)
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What if?

Sep 9, 2011 by Camille822
imageWhat if? What if I'm the one for you? and you're the one for me? what if...
If you are the one, then us meeting here is fate, future with a dog named Ben buy a house with a fireplace... This is the first I've seen your face, but there's a chance we are soul mates, I know that this might sound crazy you don't know my name. But we can't, we can't tell, the future no, The first kiss, the beauty of, the world we know.


This reminds me of an ad I met on craigslist today. Some rancher dude is looking for the perfect marm IS IT YOU?
Sent by Chris99x,Sep 9, 2011
just imagine!
Sent by rock_on88,Sep 9, 2011
What Chris? it's a song O.o
Sent by Camille822,Sep 9, 2011
Sent by mastermind12,Sep 11, 2011

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