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Can anyone tell me, which song? Oct 3, 2011
imageSo I am going to try to make a music video? I have no idea WHAT song, here are the suggestions(comment below which song):
2)Cheers (drink to that)
3)California King Bed
4)Raining Men feat. Nicki Minaj
or 5) Love the way you like (Part II) feat. Eminem
They are all Rihanna songs :) please comment!!!
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say something spiffy! Oct 2, 2011
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What if? Sep 9, 2011
imageWhat if? What if I'm the one for you? and you're the one for me? what if...
If you are the one, then us meeting here is fate, future with a dog named Ben buy a house with a fireplace... This is the first I've seen your face, but there's a chance we are soul mates, I know that this might sound crazy you don't know my name. But we can't, we can't tell, the future no, The first kiss, the beauty of, the world we know.
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A question? Sep 6, 2011
Ok so, I used to have a boyfriend named Damon, for about 10 months, but he just randomly... Left... Went poof... I don't know why and It has been 2 months but he left several months before, and I don't know what to do? If anyone has any advice, I'd be happy to take it, Thanks...
~Hannah(BTW I put this as 'Tengaged' Because I don't know what else to put it as! :D)
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Oh how.... Jun 7, 2011
imageHow I miss-eth thee, I haven't talked to thee for ages. How I miss-eth thee, I hope-eth you have a good life.
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Boom Boom Boom Boom (I want you in my room!!!) Dec 5, 2010
imageHai! Is it creepy to like the song "Boom boom boom boom!"? It's stuck in my head, my friend elite had went on mic with me, and the thing that only i heard said "boom boom boom boom i want you in my room" and i started laughing so hard, now i like the song D:
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