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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

This website is really upsetting me

1stOct 18, 2019 by Camile
minie told me to buy ts and buy her out, but
I told her my mom cancelled my credit card from last time.

So she said that she wouldn’t gift me the gifts I’m owed, which I spent $90 on to help her, and told me told me to kill myself because my dad would never like the person I am  (knowing my father passed) I need a break. Bye y’all


Omg is this true???
Sent by Tammy2144,Oct 18, 2019
Sent by Corsi,Oct 18, 2019
The toxicity on this website is beginning to outweigh the good.
Sent by iAyeEye,Oct 18, 2019
(Sending love though, whether you pick this up or not. There are plenty of good and decent people on here who will do the same. Try your best to focus on them. I know it's hard though) x
Sent by iAyeEye,Oct 18, 2019
i believe it
Sent by Piddu,Oct 18, 2019
Oh wow big oof
Sent by Tester,Oct 18, 2019
Sent by Alyssa95,Oct 18, 2019
Sent by Fetish,Oct 18, 2019
This is what you're supporting, Meyaar. You're better than that cesspool.
Sent by LawyerAnne,Oct 18, 2019
why would you even do that...
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Oct 18, 2019
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Oct 18, 2019
poor girlie :(
Sent by top20fan33,Oct 18, 2019
Is it true that player is 40 years of age, playing dress up online in her spare time like a fucking loser? And you're taking that seriously???????????
Sent by zenzymes,Oct 18, 2019

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