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58.8% in starsvote Aug 14, 2020
imageWow thank you so much tengaged for all the Saves! You helped me survive my first poll ever
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Is Janelle? Aug 13, 2020
In danger? if not who is?
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Wearing Black for Keesha Aug 13, 2020
Pls win Janelle Plsssss
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Janelle or kaysar Aug 13, 2020
Please win this hoh I’m begging you
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WAP Aug 13, 2020
Is literally the theme song for this stars honestly. it's so catchy from the start of the song from the ending. My kids are embarrassed when i sing it around the house but i can't stop!

Theres some hoes in this house!

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Finished Umbrella ☂ Academy Aug 11, 2020
Now what?

Any suggestions on Netflix?
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