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Stars Finale Dragging Time

Aug 10, 2019 by CalebDaBoss
WannaBeeFriends gave me his word and said he’d nom with me and then at last minute he flips and I get nominated shows that he’s a fake ass bitch that I can never trust again
Chic was nominated once BECAUSE OF ME BTW and she plays it off like she played a perfect game when she really just FLOATED the entire time
Meyaar was a sheep to Joe the first part of the game and then the 2nd part he didn’t talk to ANYONE and he got nommed consecutively OVER AND OVER AGAIN and now he makes finals
Rankings From Most-Least deserving
WannaBeeFriends 1st
Meyaar 2nd
Chic 3rd
And that’s the tea


It wasn’t last minute. I had you locked in all day lol
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Aug 10, 2019
But love you to death!!!!! Wish you survived!!!!
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Aug 10, 2019
Yeah he made the final because people actually like him and he doesnt need multies to survive
Sent by iiVoloxity,Aug 10, 2019
iivoloxity he only stayed because tengaged is blind to good gameplay
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Aug 10, 2019
But at least I floated all the way to the final!!!
Sent by Chic,Aug 10, 2019

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