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  1. Survivor All Winners Prediction
  2. I wish that someone
  3. Oops
  4. I Cackled
  5. um
  6. It disgusts me
  7. i can't wait for rpdr finale taping
  8. tonight is it on rpdr
  9. Victoria will forever be
  12. production new what they were doing
  13. who all remembers
  14. this season
  15. who all remembers
  16. i really hope
  17. Chris wins immunity
  18. Both tengaged’s faves are gone
  19. This challenge
  20. There is 6 fucking idols this episode
  21. I called it
  23. Survivor Prediction
  24. Lol
  25. I would cum so hard
  26. Here is a wall
  27. I didn’t know (pic)
  28. Roast me
  29. Brantsteele said
  30. can someone plz gift me
  31. i have my own wiki page :D
  32. If Danganronpa was an irl show
  33. i got runner-up
  34. yay
  35. I’m hungry
  36. i'm such a queen
  37. i made this sim
  38. Um
  39. Ok
  40. Tbh

i can't @ this

Feb 14, 2019 by CalebDaBoss
CalebDaBoss x coreyants - Caleb, you're a real man's man and a bit of a player but you need another thicc curvy boye who's strong enough to hold you down. That man? gossip_boy aka Corey Tatz. He's an educated man who could teach you all kinds of things and always keep you entertained. Get in there.

bengalboy i don't date anyone that's over 7 years older than me


he's young at heart
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 14, 2019
bengalboy he's hot af ik but the thing is if i date anyone over 7 years older than me it violates my current probation and then i'll have to pay a 7,000 T$ fine and i don't have that type of money
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Feb 14, 2019
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 14, 2019

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