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  1. unfilter me
  2. so rude
  3. Jessica Milagros wins BB21
  4. I would love
  5. Imagine being bitter over pink box
  6. Do I really sound like Bryan Jones?
  7. Thicc
  8. I fucking loved
  9. This vid is fake
  10. honestly
  11. Just bought a funny pride tank
  12. My filter list
  13. Just watched dog’s journey
  14. i actually just bought builder's club
  15. if he could predict the future
  16. ETN 4 GenderSwap
  17. most robbed horror movie character
  18. bets are open :D
  19. Double shot at love
  20. Accurate Rankings
  21. someone should start
  22. The worst horror movie character
  23. Me calling Akeria thicc on his blogs
  24. ETN 4 my pre-season prediction
  25. i played roblox high school horror game
  26. ETN
  27. This girl on MC Junior
  28. ETN 4 Pre-Season Ranks
  29. OMG
  30. Update ur PYN
  31. Lying whore
  32. i was working with my GBF
  33. I remember last season
  34. OMG
  35. My job is serving food at concessions
  36. Honestly
  37. I’m gonna buy colored contacts
  38. When I get evicted in stars
  39. ETN AllStars Cast
  40. I am so disgusted

BB20 will get good the last few weeks

Sep 9, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
That’s the real tea


it depends on if brett can win an hoh
Sent by konohavillage1,Sep 9, 2018
I'd be happy with pretty much any outcome this season has been great

if Haleigh makes it to final 4 this will be like the best season ever
Sent by etaco75,Sep 9, 2018
heh, yeah it will! (highfive)
Sent by BengalBoy,Sep 9, 2018

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