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why they were game changers

Aug 15, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
Andrea came back from redemption island and got voted off immediately after
Aubry lost to a bitter jury
Brad is monica's husband
Caleb didn't want to leave when he got medically evacuated
Ciera voted out her mom
Cirie never won despite making it close every time except for heroes vs villains
Debbie did something on Kaoh Rong
Hali who knows
J.T. voted out Erinn
Jeff was on season 2
Malcolm lost at final 4
Michaela got pissed when she got voted out pre-jury
Ozzy always came back from redemption in south pacific
Sandra won twice
Sarah got blindsided
Sierra is a tall hot blonde
Tai didn't use the idol or whatever
Tony won due to Woo's stupid decision making skills
Troyzan was bamboozled by women
Zeke is transgender


Cirie never got voted out of the game with a majority vote*
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Aug 15, 2018
Sandra won twice

That literally explains it for Sandra LOL
Sent by paul028,Aug 15, 2018

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