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  1. I went to another overnight camp
  2. I’m back from camp
  3. So weird
  4. I thought we were cool
  5. I can’t wait
  6. Jessica is gonna be robbed tonight
  7. Don’t air that omg
  8. Rate my avi
  9. There was a murder in my town
  10. honestly
  11. I’m in so much discomfort rn
  12. How dare she
  13. Today is my 3 year TG anniversary
  14. omg
  15. Imagine hating on heather
  16. I just realized
  17. can someone plz
  18. My dad just said
  19. I fucking love
  20. I feel like such a king
  21. It’s really obvious
  22. Ugh
  23. Omg
  24. Jessica’s editing is so fucking shady
  25. i was made fun of
  27. what an icon
  29. I played roblox survivor
  30. Escape The Night RESULTS
  31. Need 3 more Females
  32. PYN a Name for Escape The Night S1
  33. What an asshole
  34. I can’t fucking wait
  35. When I’m finally doing good in an ORG
  36. Fuck you too
  37. Pink Box 7 RESULTS
  38. Caleb/Ethan Pink Box Seasons
  39. Caleb/Ethan Pink Box 7 Cast
  40. Pink Box 43 Placements


Aug 11, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
Maturo got banned because he mentioned who he wasn’t allowed to mention in a blog if I were to mention the person I’m not allowed to mention in a blog I would get banned too easy as that it’s basically a tengaged restraining order


WTF thats weird.
Sent by NoChildSupport,Aug 11, 2018

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