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  1. i blocked someone on instagram
  2. omg
  3. which show?
  4. honestly
  5. this movie looks interesting
  6. OMG
  7. BB20 Would Be Awesome
  8. Cai Cai bro here
  9. well i'll be gone soon
  10. i got a 70
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  13. this is the worst final 3 of masterchef ever
  14. bigdizzleyotitle
  15. If BB20 is basic
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  17. Honestly
  18. i wasn't alive during 9/11
  19. hmu
  20. am i innocent?
  21. rip Kirstie
  22. it's sad but true
  23. i don't even know why
  24. honestly
  25. BB20 Prediction
  26. BB20 will get good the last few weeks
  27. Best part of Video
  28. i lost tribal wars
  29. ok
  30. omg
  31. is this anas?
  32. Daily Reminder
  33. i really wanted to join stars
  34. Fast BB Cancelled
  35. this is so funny
  36. for americans
  37. Francesca Hogi
  38. Russel Hantz
  39. this is why i'm not blonde hair blue eyed
  40. Looks Like Sam/Haleigh are nominated

If that birthmark theory is true

Jul 12, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
I got shot in the rib cage in my last life
Either that or my spleen killed me in some way because my birthmark is right on my spleen
I’m convinced with the spleen one because according to my parents I had an obsession with my spleen as a child


I think it’s true
Sent by Fetish,Jul 12, 2018
i got shot by an arrow in the heart hehe
Sent by xFalsify,Jul 12, 2018
that means I got shot in my lower back lol
Sent by Amanyaman,Jul 12, 2018

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