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  1. Is it still incest
  2. Ugh
  3. So
  4. My stats
  5. The last 2 seasons 3 men were evicted first
  6. No one forget
  7. Ugh
  8. Can someone like
  9. This site is really bad
  10. Hsneienajj jsjrijsirjsbjsj
  11. Sorry that I have an opinion
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  13. If that birthmark theory is true
  14. Why y’all shocked Croatia won
  15. Updated ETN prediction I lied
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  19. ETN 3 Updated Prediction
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  22. Currently in Wilmington NC
  23. Currently in Atlanta airport
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  25. a firework flew toward me and blew up
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  27. like honestly
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  29. my school did a mock survivor one time
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  32. i'm asian btw
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  34. rachel and angela are aaryn and ginamarie
  35. So
  36. I have a target list
  37. newest silver level right here
  38. omg
  39. who i hate on big brother
  40. my voice is too deep

ETN 3 Updated Prediction

Jul 9, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
Already Dead
10th JC Caylen Episode 2 Against Teala
9th Roi Fabito Episode 3 Against Nikita
8th Teala Dunn Episode 4 Against Ro
7th Colleen Ballinger Episode 5 Against No One (she doesn’t get betrayed if she were then it everyone wouldn’t of shoved her in the coffin something unseen would’ve killed her without the betrayers watching she probably gets justine’d)
6th Safiya Nygaard Episode 6 Betrayed
5th Matthew “MatPat” Patrick Episode 7 Against Manny
Mortimer and Calliope die Episode 8 Sacrificed themselves
4th Nikita Dragun Episode 9 Against Ro
Joey Graceffa Escapes in Episode 10
Rosanna “Ro” Pansino Escapes in Episode 10
Manny Gutierrez “Mua” Escapes in Episode 10


I feel like MatPat and either Ro or Safiya survive, Manny getting robbed
Sent by Macda27,Jul 9, 2018
macda27 It looks like May gets killed in strong man Episode and Safiya isn’t shown in as many scenes as the others there is a scene with a funhouse episode and Manny To and Nikita were shown and her and Mat were gone
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Jul 9, 2018
I heard there’s a theory that no one dies in the Strong Man episode
Sent by Macda27,Jul 9, 2018
macda27 what are they gonna do then a double death? I don’t believe there will be a non death
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Jul 9, 2018
CalebDaBoss there has to be a no death, bc there's 8 artifacts and only 10 people. and every time 3 people survive. it happened last season
Sent by snowflake3,Jul 10, 2018

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