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  1. My stats
  2. The last 2 seasons 3 men were evicted first
  3. No one forget
  4. Ugh
  5. Can someone like
  6. This site is really bad
  7. Hsneienajj jsjrijsirjsbjsj
  8. Sorry that I have an opinion
  9. Plz tag me here
  10. If that birthmark theory is true
  11. Why y’all shocked Croatia won
  12. Updated ETN prediction I lied
  13. Omg
  14. RiP Mat Pat on etn
  15. Colleen is the next to die on ETN
  16. ETN 3 Updated Prediction
  17. This is dumb
  18. There was this guy at Atlanta airport
  19. Currently in Wilmington NC
  20. Currently in Atlanta airport
  21. world cup final predictions
  22. a firework flew toward me and blew up
  23. etn 3 episode 4 rankings
  24. like honestly
  25. follow up to that mock vivor blog
  26. my school did a mock survivor one time
  27. daycare survivor
  28. BB20 My Way
  29. i'm asian btw
  30. week 1 of big brother
  31. rachel and angela are aaryn and ginamarie
  32. So
  33. I have a target list
  34. newest silver level right here
  35. omg
  36. who i hate on big brother
  37. my voice is too deep
  38. My god
  39. how would you do on big brother?
  40. PYN and i'll tell you

world cup final predictions

Jul 4, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
what i hope
1st England
2nd France
what i think
1st Brazil
2nd Russia


1st- Germany
Sent by Tadd,Jul 4, 2018
I think Uruguay and Croatia for finals
Sent by _Adidas_,Jul 4, 2018

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