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rachel and angela are aaryn and ginamarie

Jul 3, 2018 by CalebDaBoss

they're fucking racist af


rachel wasn't being racist, angela saying ghetto and leather though, yikes
Sent by SurvivorFreak13,Jul 3, 2018
nah they aren't lmfao people be reaching if this offends u then u need to grow the fuck up cause this right here is America the land of the racist and bigots
Sent by danyyboy67,Jul 3, 2018
eh not as bad as Aaryn and GM
Sent by LeaSirk,Jul 3, 2018
survivorfreak13 she said if she stayed in the sun too long she would change ethnicities
danyyboy67 saying her stomach is as dark as bayleigh is racist
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Jul 3, 2018
Thats just a fact lool CalebDaBoss
Sent by danyyboy67,Jul 3, 2018
Sent by MISSimogen,Jul 3, 2018
"racist af" lol no
Sent by Electric,Jul 3, 2018
Not racist in the slightest.
Sent by Piizza,Jul 3, 2018
If favoring a certain ethnic group/race over the other is not rackdt, then idk what to say lol
Sent by CutieAmy,Jul 3, 2018
Sent by CutieAmy,Jul 3, 2018
this isn't even racist lmao
Sent by tboss,Jul 3, 2018

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