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things we've gathered from unfriended dark web trailer

Jun 13, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
The example death is gonna be Lexx
it will be way darker than the first movie
The Cast is shown
Lexx (Dead First)
Serena (White Girl) and Nari (Black Girl)
Damon (short haired guy)
AJ (long haired guy)
Amaya (brown haired Matias' girlfriend)
Matias (brown hair blue eyes main character)
the trailer cuts to later scenes in the movie and from what I've gathered it takes place on not the same character's laptop the whole movie but other character's laptops as well
Aj and Nari don't make it as far in the movie as they are not shown later on
Amaya despite being Matias' girlfriend is shown to die at one point and is not a part of the last 3
Damon, Serena, and Matias are the last 3 left
it looks like Damon and Matias make it to the dead end as Serena isn't shown on the one on one video chat
Serena's mom is killed in the hospital
that is all i have gathered


Lol looks shit in my opinion but to each their own
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