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  1. I’m so excited for Ma
  2. Ok so
  3. Made homemade chicken strips (pic)
  4. Ethan and Jenna
  5. Plz tag me here for a gift
  6. Every +30
  7. 1 more for Fasting
  8. My first ever long survival
  9. i don't understand
  10. who Should Win This Drag Race?
  11. Monét X’ Change
  12. what are your opinions?
  13. Currently Watching RPDR 3 Casting
  14. Accurate Backyardigans Ranking
  15. Does anyone know?
  16. I wish Big Brother USA
  17. when you win
  18. There is a 95% chance
  19. can someone plz
  20. i honestly hope
  21. bbb19 minha ordem de eliminação
  22. Survivor All Winners Prediction
  23. I wish that someone
  24. Oops
  25. I Cackled
  26. um
  27. It disgusts me
  28. i can't wait for rpdr finale taping
  29. tonight is it on rpdr
  30. Victoria will forever be
  33. production new what they were doing
  34. who all remembers
  35. this season
  36. who all remembers
  37. i really hope
  38. Chris wins immunity
  39. Both tengaged’s faves are gone
  40. This challenge

EtN Season 3 Updated Prediction

Jun 13, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
based on trailer gathering disregard that last blog
10th Teala
9th JC
8th Roi
7th Ro (possibly out against Manny)
6th Colleen (eliminated by Joey)
5th Safiya (no way with her questioning joey is she gonna get away with escaping sorry girl)
Calliope Dies here (i believe that in the trailer when we saw Manny and Nikita with the fortune teller and the zombies that that is the episode where she sacrifices herself to save most likely Nikita)
4th Manny (last to die in a heartbreaking death)
they were all shown being chased out of the park in the trailer

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