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  1. unfilter me
  2. so rude
  3. Jessica Milagros wins BB21
  4. I would love
  5. Imagine being bitter over pink box
  6. Do I really sound like Bryan Jones?
  7. Thicc
  8. I fucking loved
  9. This vid is fake
  10. honestly
  11. Just bought a funny pride tank
  12. My filter list
  13. Just watched dog’s journey
  14. i actually just bought builder's club
  15. if he could predict the future
  16. ETN 4 GenderSwap
  17. most robbed horror movie character
  18. bets are open :D
  19. Double shot at love
  20. Accurate Rankings
  21. someone should start
  22. The worst horror movie character
  23. Me calling Akeria thicc on his blogs
  24. ETN 4 my pre-season prediction
  25. i played roblox high school horror game
  26. ETN
  27. This girl on MC Junior
  28. ETN 4 Pre-Season Ranks
  29. OMG
  30. Update ur PYN
  31. Lying whore
  32. i was working with my GBF
  33. I remember last season
  34. OMG
  35. My job is serving food at concessions
  36. Honestly
  37. I’m gonna buy colored contacts
  38. When I get evicted in stars
  39. ETN AllStars Cast
  40. I am so disgusted


Jun 9, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
i'm never having a final 3 guys alliance in roblox big brother ever again ugh those girls are comp beasts at least a guy won
btw my username is CalebTDaBoss and i have thick legs

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