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  1. FrenchMaid was killed in a fight by Marlakk
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  36. roblox survivor sucks
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Big Brother My Cast S1 Boot Order

May 8, 2018 by CalebDaBoss
Akira F
Avery M
Bentley M
Emilee F
Gillian F
Karlie F
Kasey F
Marcelo M
Mariela F
Raegan M
Riya F
Roland M
Trenton M
Week 1
HoH Raegan
Noms Karlie and Avery
Veto Players Kasey, Trenton, Gillian
Veto Winner Kasey
Final Noms Karlie and Avery
Evicted Karlie 6-4
Week 2
HoH Gillian
Noms Raegan and Riya
Veto Players Akira, Marcelo, and Roland
Veto Winner Akira
Final Noms Raegan and Bentley
Evicted Bentley 7-2
Week 3
HoH Emilee
Noms Kasey and Mariela
Veto Players Akira, Marcelo and Gillian
Veto Winner Mariela
Final Noms Kasey and Roland
Evicted Kasey 4-4 Emilee's choice to evict
Week 4
HoH Roland
Noms Marcelo and Trenton
Veto Players Emilee, Raegan, and Riya
Veto Winner Raegan
Final Noms Gillian and Trenton
Evicted Gillian 4-3
Week 5 (Jury Starts)
HoH Mariela
Noms Emilee and Raegan
Veto Players Marcelo, Riya, Trenton
Veto Winner Marcelo
Final Noms Akira and Raegan
Evicted Raegan 4-2
Week 5 Double Eviction
HoH Marcelo
Noms Akira and Trenton
Veto Players Mariela, Emilee, Roland
Veto Winner Akira
Final Noms Avery and Trenton
Evicted Trenton 3-2
Week 6
HoH Roland
Noms Akira and Emilee
Veto Players Avery, Riya, Mariela
Veto Winner Emilee
Final Noms Akira and Marcelo
Evicted Marcelo 3-1
Week 7
HoH Emilee
Noms Akira and Roland
Veto Players Everyone
Veto Winner Riya
Final Noms Akira and Roland
Evicted Akira 3-0
Week 7 (Double Eviction)
HoH Riya
Noms Avery and Emilee
Veto Players Everyone
Veto Winner Riya
Final Noms Avery and Roland
Evicted Roland 2-0
Week 8 Part 1
HoH Mariela
Noms Avery and Riya
Veto Players Everyone
Veto Winner Avery
Final Noms Emilee and Riya
Evicted Emilee 1-0 Avery's Choice to evict
Week 8 Part 2 Final HoH
HoH Part 1 Riya
HoH Part 2 Mariela
Final HoH Mariela
Evicted Riya 1-0 Mariela's Choice to evict
Final 2 Avery and Mariela
Winner Mariela 4-3
Runner-Up Avery
Fan Favorite Akira

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