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  1. Yea lmao
  2. The Challenge this season has 1 winner
  3. My team won quizbowl too
  4. My Highest Grade
  5. I’m confused
  6. Project Runway All Stars is Sexist
  7. ERIN
  8. Plus this
  9. I can’t wait
  10. Officially applied
  11. The hottest guy on rpdr this season
  12. My friends older brother
  13. ANTM Elimination Order
  14. I just realized
  15. It would be hilarious
  16. Idgaf if that’s the definition of mrpeeps
  17. LMao
  18. The best Big Brother first boot out of all..
  19. Survivor Wannabes Sorter
  20. Austina Glitz
  21. It would be nice
  22. TGDR Prediction
  23. Bitch no
  24. I’m so happy
  25. Survivor Rest of Season Bootlist
  26. I am so glad
  27. BBCan6 Prediction
  28. Made an ANTM Memory Wall
  29. Me when
  30. Guess who’s gonna be eliminated next week on..
  31. Guess who my favorite survivor 2nd boot is
  32. Spoiler Alert
  33. Ugh
  34. Well I’m pissed
  35. Hi
  36. ANTM Spoilers
  37. Who do you think will be TDGR First Boot?
  38. Ugh for fucks sake
  39. Current Celebrity Crush
  40. Sorry

Guess who’s gonna be eliminated next week on ANTM

Mar 8, 2018 by CalebDaBoss


i hate her. she's so fake. her only good moment was when her wig was snatched. and she got snatched bald
Sent by Latisha0987,Mar 8, 2018
latisha0987 everyone else is shown in a later Photoshoot after next weeks except her so she’s confirmed gone
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Mar 8, 2018
calebdaboss I’m so happy. Rio can join her too. I’m rooting for Sha-Nasty and Krystyana
Sent by Latisha0987,Mar 8, 2018
latisha0987 I made a memory wall
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Mar 8, 2018
After you have posted multiple wrong bootlists/spoilers we should believe you because?
Sent by __A__,Mar 9, 2018

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