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your secrets out

Dec 30, 2017 by CalebDaBoss
youallsuck we all know you're mathboy9 there's no hiding it anymore and celiajones we know you're halloween too hunny
so you all are cancelled and can go back on your mains and get the ridicule you deserve
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Last Activity: 36 min ago
you make it too fucking obvious
mathboy would always call me autism tbh and he hated me ever since he became friends with halloween so this is obviously taking it too farr honey so go back on your main where you belong


How old are you? Are you old enough to be on here?
Sent by Corey54321,Dec 30, 2017
corey54321 14 so yes I am thank you very much
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Dec 30, 2017
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 30, 2017
Sent by Halloween,Dec 30, 2017

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