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  1. help me cast vivor winners brantsteele part 1
  2. hottst survivor first boots
  3. hottest survivor runner-ups
  4. this is retarded
  5. 2 more for frooks
  6. i'm like bingewatching
  7. remember when ya'll
  8. Survivor Ghost Island Rest Of Season Prediction
  9. Anyone know?
  10. playing five nights at freddy's for the first time
  11. Need Advice
  12. Thank god
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  14. Finished Truth Or Dare
  15. rpdr last night in one sentence
  16. gonna watch truth or dare tmrrw
  17. Ugh Last night Sucked
  18. LMFAO
  19. ANTM Cycle 24 The Real Bootlist Revealed
  20. Yassss
  21. Me at
  22. Wait
  23. This is my life
  24. Has anyone else
  25. What do y’all consider young
  26. Unfriended Dark Web Some Things
  27. Anyone
  28. Yasss
  29. Y’all are dumb
  30. anyone else watch masterchef junior?
  31. my zodiac sign
  32. 13 Facts About Me
  33. One of the actors on unfriended 2
  34. Survivor Rest of Season Prediction
  35. i didn't watch
  36. Trivia Time
  37. Am I the only one?
  38. Accurate ANTM Finale Ranks
  39. who do ya'll think
  40. ANTM Cycle 24 Finale Prediction


Dec 30, 2017 by CalebDaBoss
do i sound similar to youallsuck oh my god idk if i do but maybe :P lol it just could mean something
EDIT: oh no he negged my blog and it didn't minus 50 looks like i gave you false hope

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