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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

2ndSep 22, 2020 by Cadden


Anyone who spends more than half their time on tg could’ve figured that one out lol
Sent by maturo,Sep 22, 2020
Derek Levasseur had to soothing do with this
Sent by doobee,Sep 22, 2020
Me being dyslexic
Sent by doobee,Sep 22, 2020
doobee Derrick*

Sorry, I just hate people misspelling names (other words are fine but I don't want to see misspelled names)
Sent by Tester,Sep 22, 2020
You got this! :)
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Sep 22, 2020
this may just be me, but i literally dont think they know each other at all
Sent by BB5lover,Sep 22, 2020
Sent by Stering_butter,Sep 22, 2020
who tf are any of those people lol
Sent by Slice,Sep 22, 2020
slice stering_butter idk who they are either :/
Sent by Cadden,Sep 22, 2020
well ur blogging about them as if u know who they are! so im even MORE confused
Sent by Slice,Sep 22, 2020
such a hot take
Sent by ytrewq111,Sep 22, 2020
Not Konoham....
Sent by Phenomanimal,Sep 22, 2020
Y’all still including phenom and obscurity

Remember when lalisa was in the premade too
Sent by konohavillage1,Sep 22, 2020
Sent by Electric,Sep 22, 2020
Keep konohavillage1 ‘s name outcha mouth
Sent by Letal,Sep 22, 2020
No its not
Sent by Survivor8,Sep 22, 2020
nah that’s not an alliance.
Sent by bunnycat,Sep 23, 2020

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