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Oh Damn

Jan 25, 2013 by CHAD814
Pavel Datsyuk is such a treat to watch, and you really can't dislike the guy. Most skillful player in the league right now, not that I need to tell anybody that...It's always been obvious.


Jackets are winnin da cup dis year
Sent by BB5lover,Jan 25, 2013
BB5lover not a fucking chance! lol, mind you my team cant win shit either......
Sent by Ninja41,Jan 25, 2013
BB5lover Where's the love for the Sabres? I think THEY have a nice chance.
Sent by CHAD814,Jan 25, 2013

i lose all respect for them when they lose to carolina
Sent by BB5lover,Jan 25, 2013
BB5lover ENROTH WAS IN NET! And Carolina was bound to finally have a good game, and at home. Buff's top line looks really great. Not too much depth in my opinion though. If Miller plays well, and very well, they're a top team.
Sent by CHAD814,Jan 25, 2013
CHAD814 BB5lover

tbh sabres do have a pretty decent chance at going far. and Vanek is lying it up so that could pay off for them
Sent by Ninja41,Jan 25, 2013

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