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Dawg Pound

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No im not gonna kill ya Jan 20, 2016
im just gonna hurt you...really.....really...bad
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Time to get serious Jan 17, 2016
is it weird that i have no problems with gays or lesbians but when it comes to transsexuals i get very uncomfortable and i dont know why
Points: 15 1 comments
that was a lit call Jan 17, 2016
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add me to any calls Jan 17, 2016
bored af, drunk yeah... cdawgnewskype
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its sad honestly Jan 17, 2016
that i cant apologize to LadyLizard for the last few things i said to her at the time she got under my skin pretty good and i brought up her alcohol a dick
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Bye Trump Jan 17, 2016
Points: 12 1 comments