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Why am I so fat lel

May 7, 2019 by C00LDUDE1000
I used to not eat healthy but for like the last 6 months I鈥檝e been eating healthier and haven鈥檛 lost any weight. My friend, on the other hand, eats fucking 10 bags of chips and 20 rice crispy treats a day and he鈥檚 still so thin. Idk what to do 馃槓

To clarify: I鈥檓 not like huge lmao, I鈥檓 just above average for weight


a general guideline is a calorie deficiency of 500 everyday and you'll lose a pound a week, and of course exercising is very important.
Everyone's bodies are very different and your friend's eating habit will catch up with him in time, it is important to treat casual weight loss on the basis of being healthier and not to see results because it'll take a while for that to happen. If u work out a lot though and r actually eating healthy idk what to tell u :(
Sent by peace123,May 7, 2019
Just stop eating

My BMI is like 18.2 and I've never felt better.
Sent by mastropola,May 7, 2019

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