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My dad is crazy

Mar 25, 2019 by C00LDUDE1000
He wants me to take 4 AP courses (out of 6 courses) in my junior year and 3 in my senior year. He also wants me to take courses over the summer to get ahead. I’m ok with taking a course over the summer but I only want to take 2 APs per year, not 4. The private school I go to is already rigorous enough. I’m already struggling to keep my B+ to A+ grades this year with no AP courses. I swear he actually wants school to be the death of me.


i took 11 in high school. A B is basically an A in an AP. Take the harder course load.
Sent by bigbrotherlover7,Mar 25, 2019
Depends on what you wanna do cuz this could end up being harmful in the end if you don’t perform as well as you’d like as a result of the ridiculous nature of this courseload.

First, it’s not a guarantee that the credits will transfer to the university you attend.
Second, if you plan on going to grad school, then Bs/Cs in these classes will still count as Bs/Cs when you get to college. Thus, you start out with a subpar GPA overall before even stepping foot on a college campus.

The benefits can be good if you do well though.
1. Your high school gpa will be higher, this putting you in a better position for a great school.
2. Your college GPA will start out high
3. The credits might transfer and save you time in college

Just remember that while the rigors of college is definitely more strenuous than high school. I’d argue that taking 4 in one year will make your schedule even more damning than a college student in liberal arts. Here’s why:
In college, you get to set your own schedule, and you typically take just 5 total classes. After those 5 classes, which you set along a schedule that as I said, you pick, the rest of the day is yours for studying (most important), work, extracurriculars, etc.
In high school, you’re required to sit at school for 8 hours a day, then do extracurriculars before and after, yielding barely any time to do homework when you are at home unless you plan on having no social life (which I suggest you emphasize during high school because then you can get your partying out of you before you get to college, which is what I did lol)

All in all, high school literally doesn’t matter unless you’re in the position to go to a great school right out of high school. For instance, I decided to graduate a year early, sacrifice maybe gpa (finished with a 3.0), went to junior college a year (would’ve been my senior year), then transferred to UT Austin, a better university than 95% of my class goes to (4/10 of the top 10 go here) without ever having taken an SAT/ACT because high school stats such as these, as well as high school GPA, don’t matter after you’ve gotten college credit and are determined to transfer (30 hours or more).

I have friends who want to attend grad school/law school and are suffering cuz they have Cs on their transcript due to dual credit/AP courses. Since I never took any, all my college GPA comes strictly from college. 3.984 overall will very much so help me in law school admissions.

Anyways, just my 2 cents
Sent by KrisStory,Mar 25, 2019
Though I also agree with the fact that your course load should challenge you. Take a couple AP, but don’t feel like it is absolutely necessary to take a ridiculous amount that might not even be worth it in the end.
Sent by KrisStory,Mar 25, 2019
Thanks so much for your advice bigbrotherlover7 krisstory
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Mar 25, 2019

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