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so today my chinese teacher

Dec 5, 2018 by C00LDUDE1000
scolded me for saying studying for my precalculus test was "more important" than studying for a little quiz that she gave us today. she literally told me to go outside of the classroom and think about what I said, implying that I was very disrespectful. idk, I think its fine to say that something is more important than something else. I have priorities and tests/quizzes that are honestly more important than others. I mean I was just telling the truth. I could've lied and said I played tengaged all day yesterday instead of studying, but I told the truth to her lol. Honestly if I was a teacher I would understand that if a student has a 97% in my class and 87% in another class that that other class is a higher priority at the moment.

Do you guys think I should've been more respectful or she over-reacted?


she is being a cunt
Sent by koolness234,Dec 5, 2018
she is being a cunt
Sent by Aquamarine,Dec 5, 2018
Well seeing how we are all gonna be speaking Chinese in a few years from now Im on her side :)
Sent by Spiderhitler,Dec 5, 2018
I wish I had the chance to take a Chinese class. I'm nearly fluent in Spanish at this point, which I don't regret at all, but my schools never offered Chinese. In my opinion, Chinese is *probably* more useful, too.
Sent by Rperduex11,Dec 5, 2018
Your teacher definitely overreacted! I know every teacher wants to believe they're the most important class that you're taking.
Sent by GrrrImABear,Dec 5, 2018

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