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um is this legit

14thJul 13, 2018 by C00LDUDE1000
Admin 31 min ago
I am the new Admin (Moderation) account on

This game will be my first, but also my last. Tengaged will be changing, all reports will go to this account! A blog will be uploaded shortly. Thank you users in this game, enjoy my presence whilst I'm alive, I'll chat with you when I get the time!


or just a joke?


obviously not legit
Sent by mahogany,Jul 13, 2018
I don't think it's legit at all.  The fact that account joined a game at all makes it seem rather fishy to me.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jul 13, 2018
At first I thought it had to be a joke but then I considered the probability that there had to be someone named admin before this person so maybe it is real
Sent by spartagow,Jul 13, 2018
me too spartagow its possible
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Jul 13, 2018
I hope so but I'll believe it when I see it
Sent by FireWolf,Jul 13, 2018
yes it is legit
Sent by gagaluv,Jul 13, 2018
I think its fishy he submitted a message to the game and not the blogs page ?
Sent by Lissylion15,Jul 13, 2018
I don't think Admin would be here to play castings lol
Sent by dandoe,Jul 13, 2018
You have to join a game before blogging but randomize never
Sent by melindaMrskk,Jul 13, 2018

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