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  1. Boy, I hate this stars.
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  3. Wait is a fortnite update
  5. Some say the world has ended...
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  8. Anyone have any info
  9. THANK YOU 59.9%!! ❤️
  10. this is basically my nommed for 9th speech
  11. how many multis does ween have?
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  13. I can imagine Tilted Towers addicts
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  20. Vote for Jayden or Nicole to win!
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  34. Vote to eliminate Jayden or Dylan!
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New Game Idea - The Amazing Race

Apr 12, 2018 by C00LDUDE1000
95% of us agree we need a new game randomize

TAR would be that game
there would be 12 players
costs nothing to play
3 minutes for each dc
100 second comps

How the game is played: Every person in the game will play the same challenge. whoever got the worst will be eliminated. Everyone will get a bonus to add to their challenge score depending on how well they did on the last challenge
There will be U-turns that take 20% off a person's score
U-turns come to the winner of every 3 challenges.

Why i think this is a good idea:
1. can replace fastings and helps newer players with the challenges while comparing them to others
2. is a quick game, unlike fastings
3. we could add some sort of social aspect to it, but idk what

12th - 0k 0t
11th - 0k 0t
10th - 0k 2t
9th - 0k 2t
8th - 0k 5t
7th - 3k 5t
6th - 3k 7t
5th - 5k 10t
4th - 7k 12t
3rd - 8k 15t
2nd - 15k 25t
1st - 25k 40t


Love this
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Apr 12, 2018
This is basically Zwooper’s Amazing Race but you do it at the same time
Sent by Shimmmer,Apr 12, 2018

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