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  1. Anyone wanna add for add?
  2. *waves*
  4. Join please!
  5. i love this song
  6. Join!
  7. Yeah
  8. guess my % in stars
  9. I can’t think of a word
  10. My new challenge
  11. Um. Yeah
  12. Guess my placement and percentage
  13. time to spam my parody
  14. yeahhhhhh i definitely did nothing this stars
  15. well i guess
  17. Come play some roblox!
  18. "Noob Gang" Gucci Gang Parody
  19. "Noob Gang" Gucci Gang Parody
  20. Should I do a Stars Finals Vlog?
  21. Should I do a stars finals vlog?
  22. Made my first stars finals
  23. Time to go up in stars!
  24. “Life’s a game made for everyone”
  25. OMG... This is sad :'(
  26. Cool
  27. Guess my % in stars
  28. Nommed for 6th in stars
  30. This is what my hunger games simulator says.
  31. Boy, I hate this stars.
  32. Marktint_1
  33. Wait is a fortnite update
  35. Some say the world has ended...
  36. Any info on tilted towers?
  37. Guess my % in stars
  38. Anyone have any info
  39. THANK YOU 59.9%!! ❤️
  40. this is basically my nommed for 9th speech

LMAO i just won a season of roblox survivor

Apr 6, 2018 by C00LDUDE1000
And everyone is going crazy like I’m some god or something and worshipping me. Rn there’s literally about 10 other people surrounding me in a circle, I feel special

And I just got picked for captain for the next game LMAO

I keep saying “next person to say 1234 is picked” and the whole chat gets FLOODED

Everyone also flooding the chat with things like “GO TEAM NOOB”

Just the charm of the bacon hair and the noobiness


Sent by Lalisa,Apr 6, 2018
accept the worshipping, bask in it, hahaha
Sent by 75937563748,Apr 6, 2018
why is this a mood
Sent by anthousai,Apr 6, 2018
Lmao I won 3 in a row once
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Apr 6, 2018
Come play TDA in 30 mins
At 4pm ET
With a chart!
Sent by Daniel123456,Apr 6, 2018
daniel123456 I was there earlier at 1 I think? And you said that it would be at 4, but I’m going to play tennis rn
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Apr 6, 2018
Sent by greyconverse,Apr 6, 2018

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