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  1. im making my version
  2. The only person
  3. Let’s be real here
  4. Are republicans real?
  5. My friend’s senior speech today
  6. gUyS iM iN dEeP dEsPaIr
  7. What I thinking on about King Trump
  8. PYN for a random sentence in chinese
  9. LMFAO
  10. is youtube
  11. PYN
  12. im basically a noob
  13. LOL why did I laugh so hard @ this
  14. i just saw a trump advertisement on YT
  15. is it racist if u hate a chinese person
  16. Oof
  17. Join my frat if you are breathing
  18. I have been REVIVED
  19. I’m thinking of hosting
  20. Does anyone else
  21. The greatest frat of all time
  22. I need to workout more
  23. who with a rational mind
  24. 我不喜欢你们。
  25. I trained myself
  26. This song is actually pretty good
  27. What the h*cking h*ck?
  28. Oof I see SNOW
  29. Is anyone else here a noob
  30. Guys it’s a miracle
  31. Hello Robots of Randomize.
  32. Is this guy gay?
  33. Update me on
  34. I think we all should be banned
  35. All Chinese people are smart
  36. Oof
  37. oh join my frat
  38. What party is generally winning rn
  39. If you have any doubts
  40. Vote Blue if ur not racist

The wasabi song

Feb 7, 2018 by C00LDUDE1000
Ther once wasabi
Who fell from a tree
Into the sea
Oh em gee

*roaring applause*

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