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Season 7 of LKB Survivor is taking applications now!

Mar 30, 2020 by Bvance1212
In this game of numbers, there is only one who stands above the rest. You know of him. You fear him. You probably even love him. And now, you will earn the chance to breathe the same air as him.

For the seventh season of LKBvivor, we are taking a trip to the most beautiful and sexual chain of islands in existence. Just north of the North Pole, this land is scorching hot and ice cold, all at the same time. A treacherous climate will be the least of your worries amidst the Dono Islands.

Curious to see what this unique season will have in store? Are you wondering if Dono will spice this season up into the upper echelons of group game history? So are we!

Apply to what is sure to be a fun and entertaining season, and see for yourself what insane twists await!


Sent by SabrinaRayexxx,Mar 30, 2020

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