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  1. me when i accidently rebid on something as a joke..
  2. frooks?
  3. wow....
  4. i am also in the premade
  5. Please vote me, i deserve this :)
  7. Let’s be honest...
  8. Y’all negging my shit only furthers my point
  9. Ill barge in here
  10. Whoever gifted me, I love you sm!
  11. When can you buy from shops lmfao
  12. um why am i trending lmfao
  13. my pyn is fully updated
  14. pyn for an opinion why not lmfao
  15. Shops are so expensive :(
  16. hey guys! Livingston is casting for a second..
  17. Someone gift me Beckham hair :(
  19. Should I host a charity for getting black level?..
  20. Newest black level right here!
  21. I’m bored
  22. Someone get me out of Rutgers I’m bored
  23. Thank you 35.3%! I appreciate your support!
  24. I just wanted to say
  25. Stars 564 plea!
  26. I’ll be posting a stars blog later!
  27. Save me in stars!!!
  28. hey guys
  29. Jeez this hate is something serious
  30. Good morning everyone :)
  31. Good morning everyone
  32. goodnight everyone
  34. Boobs are nice to see :)
  35. plus this :)
  36. Who’s the hottest girl on tg
  37. Applications for Billy's Big Brother are going out..
  38. frooks?
  39. how the hell did tony win Cagayan...
  40. well thats annoying

Save me in stars!!!

Sep 7, 2019 by Bvance1212
Let me get to the finals and prove everyone who doubted me wrong!

Your name keeps coming up because your a untrustworthy snakey little shit who nobody in this game trusts... you’ve only made it this far because both sides have targeted the good players from either side and left you and co who aren’t threats to float along.

Everyone has doubted me all game but I know I can win if tengaged gives the opportunity. I was personally attacked twice by people in the game after they left. Make them eat their words


You're amazing
Sent by abrogated,Sep 7, 2019
abrogated I love you ❤️
Sent by Bvance1212,Sep 7, 2019

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