Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Damn this is gonna be a rant

Jul 15, 2019 by Bvance1212
Well, I have a younger brother... he’s 18 and he loves the party life.. so much so that he has become addicted to alcohol and tobacco. He manipulates girls and guys into giving him a ride home and then refusing to pay him. He snuck into my dads gun safe (my dads a cop) and held a unknowingly loaded pistol to his head and sent it to his friends... he drinks and drives all the time. He takes alcohol to family get togethers at his friends house.  he’s a sociopath and he’s going to kill someone. I’m gonna be honest I’m terrified :(


Sounds like a loose cannon what a gc

But in all seriousness you should let your family know and or let his friends know he’s not okay and to encourage your brother to get help
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We would be such a great match. He is enjoying his life not spending it on a doomed website.
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