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  1. it's not my fault I'm a narcissist
  2. I'm fucking done with my braces
  3. I'm kinda curious about the fact
  4. guys I've a question about Survivor
  5. omg this is some good tea
  6. even though she hates my guts
  7. ''Bomb''
  8. it's actually so sad the fact
  9. and what happens?
  10. gotta love Astone tbh
  11. y'all know that Sam is an idiot
  13. I don't ride a bike
  14. its hard being european
  15. why would someone make a video
  16. i've been working 5 days in a row now
  17. I guess that I'm not loved
  18. if u eat nutella
  19. some people here
  20. the iron throne
  21. not trying to cause drama BUT
  22. is so tough being a bad bitch
  23. wanna see my a$$? 馃槀
  24. good morning everyone!
  25. add me on snapchat
  26. I said that I was leaving the site
  27. LICK ME
  28. this was so beautiful to see
  29. It's wonderful to feel supported,
  30. there's no better subject
  31. good morning ugly bitches
  32. this people here having fights
  33. my boo should have your vote
  34. keep negging me bitches
  35. this has to be the best frookies
  36. I love you so much
  37. omg I just stole a shop lmao
  38. uhuhuhuh
  39. I'd have to say that even tho
  40. I'm now +7/-7 omggggg

is so tough being a bad bitch

Mar 14, 2019 by BrunoMiguel
geez louis


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