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  1. ..... aaaaaaaand I'm back.... for a little bit,..
  2. Hi
  3. NEWS! - I don't have a creative title sorry
  4. Karma?
  5. Which PlayStation games are you playing currently?..
  6. What's your favorite non reality tv show to watch..
  7. Who is your favorite youtuber, and why?
  8. You bully someone and then cry wolf
  9. Who has been banned?
  10. Who will win the world cup?
  11. If you have some issues with one or more of these..
  12. Thanks for the saves - Stars 502
  13. Nominated for 11th - Stars 502
  14. Stars 502 thoughts (sort of)
  15. Hello, how's the flow?
  16. I miss sweetgirls1008
  17. Stars 502
  18. What did I miss in the 300+ days I was gone
  19. Group name changed to big brother
  20. Stars support
  21. Stars support
  22. Nommed for 8th - Third time lucky?
  23. Nommed for 10th - As no one cared and life moved..
  24. Nommed for 15th - Oh no, whatever will I do?
  25. Ask me and I'll reply.
  26. TV Star
  27. sweetgirls1008 please come back to tengaged
  28. Any other people from Denmark on here?
  29. Spamlines
  30. Level Blood
  31. I ♥ Kelly Clarkson
  32. Did you yawn?
  33. disneygeek was going to a bbq today
  34. I don't know how...
  35. Could someone...
  36. Hi... from the newest sky level...
  37. I don't know what to do with my 300th game
  38. I like beans and such...
  39. Happy New Year
  40. Is this the best song ever?

..... aaaaaaaand I'm back.... for a little bit, maybe, I dunno... You don't care, I know.

Apr 15, 2019 by Brumming
To those of you who care, hi for a little bit.

How are things?

To those of you who don't care, hi for a little bit... carry on with your activities, nothing to see here.


Welcome back my name is alanb and I basically run this show
Sent by alanb1,Apr 15, 2019
Hey. How r u?
Sent by me2013,Apr 16, 2019
Hi brumming 💜
Sent by TaraG,Apr 16, 2019
Hey me2013

Doing good, been super busy with work and life in general. How are you?
Sent by Brumming,Apr 17, 2019
Hey TaraG
How are you doing? :)
Sent by Brumming,Apr 17, 2019

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