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:) Jul 8, 2020
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So we all ready to vote Elizabeth Warren in 2020 right Sep 12, 2019
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i always respond to "sugar daddies" on grindr May 25, 2019
just in case one of them turns out to be real and wants to finance my lifestyle
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I got kind of excited when Dany fell off the dragon Apr 28, 2019
I thought she was dead for sure and that would make way for the true queen Sansa Stark
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This may or may not be about a specific person but Feb 26, 2019
Sometimes I watch those org "meet the cast" videos on here, and seeing a few faces for the first time really explains a lot of things. Like no wonder some of you are so full of anger and hatred over nothing all the time. I know I'd be mad if I was thrown into this world looking the way some of you do :(
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Yall Jul 4, 2018
I got so drunk I threw up in the pond in one of the parks in my town and my boss texted me like 20 minutes later and said one of our biggest business clients saw and called her laughing about it thank GOD he isn’t like an uptight motherfucker bc I could have been fired lmfaoo
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