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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


4thApr 17, 2021 by BrittBritt
And I'll put you in a category and give a quick HONEST opinion why...
It's been a while since I've done one of these. :)
(inspired by essence)


Sam_Hamwich - I vowed to love you forever and I certainly will love you forever. So TG-wise, you're such a great person and people that TRULY know you and TRY to know you know that about you. You are unapologetically yourself and that kind of realness is so hard to find sometimes and people should certainly appreciate you more for that inside and outside of games. Thank you for protecting me and my heart always. Love you babe.

bamold1999 - It should come at no surprise to you that you are in this category. You're my best friend. You're the one person I couldn't wait to text on my wedding day, yet you texted me first. I don't think there is a week that goes by where we don't, at the very least, text each other to check in. Back when I first met you I INSTANTLY knew you and I were going to be the greatest of friends. We've been through A LOT together and probably know so much shit about each other it's insane. I DO wish you and Evan were on better terms and some of the things that went down in the past would not have happened. Other than that, you and I are forever friends and I am so grateful that there is someone here, other than Ev ofc, that I can literally pick up my phone and call at whatever time I need and he's there for me. love you Ty

#mbarnish1 - What can I say, we have been friends forever and in many ways I view you as a little brother. I can literally call you and talk with you about things and you listen and are there for me as a friend. You have the kindest heart and that's why you are here in this category. Game-wise, sometimes we excel together and sometimes we just fucking flop and ya know what, that's okay because we are still friends through it all and I hope you know just how much I appreciate you.

Lemjam6 - Of all the people I have met on the site, our relationship has been one of my favorites. We have certainly had our share of ups/downs. Yet, through everything, I feel like you are one of the people on the site that SEES who I really am and let's me be who I am and has my back no matter what. I almost put you on the category below but you know what, fuck that because there have been times I have been down/sad and out of the FUCKING BLUE you just message me to check on me, or you see something and run to make sure I am okay and THAT def deserves bff status, so I wanna say thank you for all those times, they meant so much.

Washed_Ravioli - I am putting you here even though you didn't put my picture in your find me blog LOOOOL ...kidding (kind of). So since our really long survivor run, we don't talk as much as we did then, which ofc and that's okay, but ever since we met here you have just been someone who I think extremely highly of. Not to get to personal but I seriously love the person you are and how you and my bestie are with each other. I can't say enough about how great I think you guys are. Aside from that, I have this feeling that you'd maybe not include me as a "love you forever" or a "bff" but please know that you made an impact on me that made me feel that way towards you and that will not ever change. xo (ps. are you proud of me for updating this before a month went by HAHAHA)

#J2999 - despite our recent survivor run-ins and a couple people I don't like that you have on that tribe, there will always be Britt and Jamesy from the past and you will always be someone I care about here. You were one of the people who personally messaged me the day I got married despite games and even despite our differences in games sometimes I know we will always be friends and I love you for that.

#JustMe - you seriously deserve to be here even though we don't talk that much, I feel like if I ever needed a gal, I could run to your pms and chat with you, and I thank  you for being THAT for me here on the site <3

#phonee - Donny! We don't talk OFTEN, I almost put you in the category below, but when we do talk or you're with me we always have each other's backs and we kinda play games the same way. Outside of game persona, I think we have similar ways of looking at things and kinda adore each other equally. I miss talking to you and that's why you're here.

Kelly0412 - BEN! I literally drove through your town today and thought of you! ughhh so like we seriously are such great friends and I don't know what I would do without you, you are hilarious and funny and sweet and kind and everything in between, thank you for being you xo

FromAWindow - despite us not really working together in games you are seriously a good friend to me, we always CUT UP in pms when we talk and our personalities together come up with some VERY FUNNY shit...LOL... there's always going to be something about our friendship that I appreciate and I hope you know that xo

broncman789 - so kinda the same as Sue, I just think you are a really good friend/person and we don't talk that much but I feel like we are really good friends and you always have my back and that NEVER goes unnoticed so thanks for being there for me and I appreciate you so much

PureEssence - I just absolutely adore you. You are beautiful, honest, badass, true to who you  are, and one of my favorite girls on TG. We got sorta close when you came back to the site a while back but we certainly drifted a bit. I wish that were different because you're someone here that I DO wish I talked to on the daily, but despite that, you'll always have a friend in me and I appreciate the woman you are. <3

Admir - So I ALMOST put you in the category below, but I just can't because you have one of my favorite personalities on TG. Despite being incredibly intelligent you have a very dry/witty sense of humor and I love that about you. AND... other than the last vivor game we played together, I feel like we have always been on good terms and good friends and I appreciate that about you as well and that earned you a higher category.

Kindred7 - literally one of the sweetest people here, never ever ever have had a time where I didn't like you, we don't personally talk all that much but like we really haven't "needed to" HOWEVER if that were to ever change, I'd love to have you as someone I check in with often... Since I seriously love you as a person/and your personality I put you in this category

coreyants - seriously love when we play BR together and we chat, you always keep me seriously entertained and i love you for that, also the random chats we have had here and there have always been one of my fave things about our friendship

KingB24 - The loyalty you have shown me and the kindness you have shown me is why I have you here. We always get along and are always loyal to each other and I just adore  you.

woeisme - I just had to put you here because despite the fact that we don't chat personally all that much, you are someone who I always am friendly with and are loyal to in games and I always love seeing you around

#Galaxies - you're so incredibly nice and sweet, we don't know each other THAT well but I love how funny and sweet you are

#BengalBoy - Dru! ofc we pals and I am so happy you got your old account back, the #Druu or w/e account was just not the same! I do always enjoy your JD commentary/blogs with her cause I love her so so much. Hope you have been well!

Survivor8 - I seriously adore you and the quick interactions we have had here, we just don't talk all that much but when we have I absolutely had a blast xo hope we get to do something together soooooon!

LaFierceBrittany2 - I seriously love any and every interaction we have ever had together and I have so much respect for you. If we knew each other a little better you would EASILY be in the category above <3

iiCreazyGX - You are so sweet and nice and ALWAYS send me the kindest mails and when we run into each other in games you always talk to me and are just so likeable

christossss - okay honesty time...I almost put you in the category below, HOWEVER I do feel like if we ACTUALLY talk on a personal level, we get along great, which is why you are here. Outside of games, I do really like you as a person and I like that you can separate games from how you treat others (well at least me). You are someone I would love to be better friends with, too.

sosyomomma - one of the FUNNEST/FUNNIEST new friends I have made recently, you are someone I always love to see in games because you kinda always keep me laughing and I love that about you

Phenomanimal - okay that frooks we played was so iconic and outside of that game we really have never talked but I instantly liked you then and I hope that we continue to run into each other because you're really nice

Marwane - I DO really think you are such a nice person, and you are really fun to have around in games, we really don't talk that much personally which is why you are here and interacting with you does make me wish we were closer friends sometimes

XRyn0618 - Another person I haven't interacted with THAT much but when we have you've been super nice and kind so I'd say we are pals :)

Jessie_ - You are nice and we aren't super close but I do think you are someone that if we interacted more we'd prob be really good friends.

' FireX - You sent seriously the kindest message to me the day of the wedding and outside of that I do believe we have pretty much always been friendly to each other. I also think you're kinda iconic in games so yea that's why I put you here. I do believe we could easily be really good friends because I really have never felt anything negative towards you

DrPepsi - okay I don't know you really at all so that's why you're here but thanks for commenting on my blog and if we ever in a game together I hope to get to know you better!

3pi14159 - so I have zero reasons to dislike you but I do always feel like there is something about me that maybe you don't like, or maybe we just have not had a chance to get to know each other better, whatever it is, I am putting you here just because we seem to kinda always be on opposing sides of things in games and we really don't chat on a personal level, however I am always open to changing that  :)

Fighterman - I seriously want to put you higher than this because I genuinely like you as a person. You put out this front like you hate people and you have expressed some ill feelings towards me for WHATEVER reason and I genuinely don't know if you are serious sometimes, just do it to be funny, or honestly just don't give a fuck. Despite all that, I do really like you as a person, when we have been friends you've had me seriously entertained and you're definitely a person on this list I wish could be a lot higher and at this point that's kinda up to you. Also bonus points for having a very dry sense of humor, prob my fave thing about you tbh!

rowjone - we really don't know each other THAT well so that's why I am putting you here but I really don't have any negative opinion about you at allll

Yawnha - kinda been an up/down thing with you on the site so that's why I am placing you here, I think you are kinda wishy-washy with me in games and that's okay, we can def change that in the future, but for now here we are, and have really nothing bad to say

MastaManipulator_11 - So I have nothing bad to say about you at all I just really don't know you THAT well and we really don't interact that much so that's why I put you here.


doobee - I don't think you'll be shocked that you're here, we have definitely not been friends and you've said some pretty nasty things to me so ya, to say it's been rough is kinda an understatement.


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