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Why does Probst hate Courtney Yates?

3rdNov 4, 2017 by BridgetteBlonde
He is such an ass to her at tribal. He obviously took Coach, Tyson, and Boston Robs side, even when they were already gone in HvV!

Idk if hate is really the correct word, it's just annoying how he always ridicules her physical performance.



Its not that he doesn't hate her, it's just that he's shocked she would still be there since she isn't the best competitor.

He has always stated he loves her personality
Sent by NewNightmare7,Nov 4, 2017
Because she isn't a rugged man
Sent by Moonfelar,Nov 4, 2017
I love her
Sent by Nichole98,Nov 4, 2017
Jeff berates every player who have poor physical performances in challenges, especially the women. I'm still bald from when Ciara was dead last at swimming vs all the men, getting shit on by Jeff the whole time and then just crushed everyone in the puzzle to win f5 immunity.
Sent by bigupboy,Nov 4, 2017
cuz she has a vagina and isnt complaisant
Sent by VeryMaryKate,Nov 4, 2017
Sent by Danger,Nov 4, 2017

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