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Survivor Final 12 rankings

Nov 2, 2017 by BridgetteBlonde
1. Desi
She is amazing! Queen status! I love her so much. She's so well spoken and smart, and she hopefully will stay on the right side of the numbers for the merge. Also, she is beautiful!

2. Lauren
Despite being one of my least favorites pre-season, she has certainly grown on me! She is so entertaining, and I always find myself agreeing with her input on most subjects. Great so far.

3. Dr. Mike
Another person I hated preseason, he really grew on me these last few episodes. He's very kind, and immediately rushed to make sure Cole was okay. He's very determined, and he seems to be in a power position right now.

4. Ben
I don't have much to say about him. His likability speaks for itself. It's almost impossible to dislike him.

5. Jessica
She is very likable, and very pretty. I felt bad for her when she cried. Now the only thing she needs to do to get boosted to my love section: DITCH COLE.

6. Chrissy
She's probably the smartest player in the game right now. I like her still, but I like other people more now. Hopefully she gets rid of the dreaded Ryan. And if she makes it to the end, she better not suffer for her villainous game play just because she's an older woman.

7. Devon
I don't see what all the hype is about him. For me, he's very boring. That's just me. I just feel like he hasn't done much.

8. Ashley
Another person who I kinda like, but is just really boring. Hopefully she will open up a bit more once the merge happens.

9. JP
He is so dull. But he's also hot and a firefighter. Just stop being cocky.

10. Joe
Yeah, he's a jackass, but he does have a heart. I still don't want him to win, but I'm glad he is still around since he is entertaining.

11. Cole
I mean, I couldn't have predicted it more on point. The guy that everyone likes that slowly becomes less likable every episode. I hate to break it to you Cole, but you aren't the only reason your team is winning, and you don't need extra food. Ben did the solo part of the reward challenge anyway.

12. Ryan I don't understand why his team puts him in a power position. He singlehandedly lost multiple challenges (Reward challenge for coffee, This episodes Immunity Challenge, for examples) and he is so cocky and tries too hard to be funny.

Just please go have a nice life and get off my TV Screen. Thank you.



Desi would probs be lower to bottom of my list. She doesn't bring anything
Sent by mysterygame2,Nov 2, 2017

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