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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


14thNov 24, 2021 by BrianGonzalez
And I give an honest opinion about you
Times_Places you are a very good person to me, you know you can count on me friend
Thnksfrthmmrs I don't know you much but you seem like a very nice and pleasant person
Thumper91 I made a mistake with Noah and with you, you seem like a very good person, I hope to meet you more queen
Escapethenight13 Lately I coincide in some games with me and you are liking me quite well, I hope to coincide with you more and get to know each other more :)
Yoko_Homo You are one of my sisters here, I hope I have never made you feel bad and that you know that you have me here for everything. Vivan las venenosas‼️‼️
GeorgeFlair you are nice but outside of games you never answer me and that hurts me
Nipple_berry69 you are a fucking queen! I love see you in the games!:) I hope know you more <3
christossss I like the way you are, you are very sweet! I hope to continue knowing you friend
mrkkkkyle I think I have seen you in some game but we have not talked much, even so I hope I can meet you more, you seem nice:)
yswimmer96 you were right, you are a good person. I hope your attitude is not to hit me in the teeth and is honest, I hope to continue knowing you
JeyCeePina I don't know you well enough but the times that I coincided with you you were nice
tonym101101 I don't know enough to comment on you but your blogs and your style are cool :)
brightongal you are one of the best person I know on this site; you behaved great with me without hardly knowing me; I hope to continue knowing you, I have a lot of affection for you!
Taya I do not know you friend but whenever you want we play something together: D
Kindred7 You are a super kind person with me, I hope to continue knowing you and here you have my apollo for whatever it is!
abstractjay I don't know you much but whenever you want we play something, I like your look: D
GraNaiNo I already appreciate you from when we played in the .es; I really like you and I'm glad to continue seeing you here!
zachbbs I don’t know you so much but I like your character and your looks


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I don’t want a gift but me
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Tu nombre
Sent by crisstian,Nov 24, 2021
Me !
Sent by JohnPopper,Nov 24, 2021
OMG WHEN DID I IGNORE U? 😭😭 i donmt remember doing that
Sent by GeorgeFlair,Nov 24, 2021
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