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Why Kaitlyn Lost

Jul 26, 2018 by BrendaMeekz
1. The puzzle itself was not the hard part which is what both Twitter and Tengaged is not understanding. The hard part was getting it to stand up on the pedastal was the hard part. Had it been a flat puzzle she would've won clearly as she assembled the puzzle very quickly.

2. Kaitlyn spent 30 seconds trying to get two of the pieces to actually stay together. When you have foam material puzzles (and I know this from working with 2nd graders all day at a Day Camp where these puzzles are abundant) that fitting foam pieces together is harder than a regular puzzle, especially when the holes/fitting spots are as weird as these were. She even got the puzzle on the pedastal in time but couldn't get the middle to stay together.

3. The time ticking down right in front of her and the constant announcement of how much time she had left definetly freaked her out. If she had even 10 more seconds I think she would've been fine. In the end I think the entire house evicting her + the build up of losing the game just got to her.

So in the end was this the hardest challenge ever? No not even close. But the challenge wasn't completing the puzzle, the challenge was keeping the puzzle together. It could've been even simpler and been just as hard.



Wow this tea
Sent by Paige54,Jul 26, 2018
she pretty much gave up and threw her head into her hands halfway through she just sucks.
Sent by Simplyobsessed,Jul 26, 2018
Bitch 馃槕

There was some factors of difficulty but it was still simple af nonetheless & designed to be accomplished. She put it up easy she just struggled too much. Anybody else who wasn鈥檛 so flustered would鈥檝e gotten it with time to spare. It was an easy win, she just failed
Sent by Skyler_TW,Jul 26, 2018

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