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  1. my game has 2 black women in the end
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  37. we're live w/ bb19 kevin!
  38. LIVE W/ BB19 KEVIN!
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My mom doesn’t think she’d win big brother

Jul 22, 2018 by BrendaMeekz
She said her strategy would be to be neutral in the beginning just be nice read her book and get a little tan and not form any alliances Bc they always blow up. Then at the end be personable and hook up with ppl Bc you have to by default. She said she’s hot headed and she’s probably butt heads with a few ppl but agreed with me it’d make her not seem sneaky.

She was shocked to hear this is how 90% of the winners of big brother won.


That’s cute. She should apply.

A certain someone had all her batshit crazy friends message Admin constantly until he blacklisted me for "harassment". But she had 5 of her friends attack me on skype last night. There is no justice here. Please spread the word.
Sent by Philip13,Jul 22, 2018

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