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  1. You know why Survivor is getting good?
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  4. Anyone have a link to tonight’s survivor?
  5. Anyone have screenshots
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  11. I thought this was gonna be a twist
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  16. I didn’t know Julie was a Tengager
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  18. Eat My Big Hairy Vagina
  19. we need 4 more
  20. come play drag race
  21. Hosting Drag Race
  22. Something I Noticed on Survivor
  23. why is he throwing out the N word?
  24. Thank you So Much Tyler!
  25. Rick Devens
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  27. Question, what is the fastest way to get karma
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  32. Ranking Total Drama - 74th Place
  33. Ranking Total Drama - 75th Place
  34. So I was going thru photos
  35. Ranking Total Drama - 76th Place
  36. Ranking Total Drama - 77th/78th Place
  37. Ranking Total Drama - 79th Place
  38. Ranking Total Drama - 80th Place
  39. Ranking Total Drama - 81st Place
  40. Ranking Total Drama - 82nd/83rd Place

i see someone

Jul 13, 2018 by BrendaMeekz
is already making bannable blogs so they can report it on their own account for mod points. little do they know they re just gonna expose themselves for having a multi lol. it happened in old TG as well.


are people really this stupid
Sent by jakehou97,Jul 13, 2018

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